What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform that is intended for building, marketing, and selling online courses, membership sites, and coaching or training programs. Kajabi focuses on ease of use, with no coding, additional hiring, plugins or integrations required to get started. The Kajabi platform combines LMS capabilities, website management, marketing campaigns and analytics, communication, and product management into one place. 

What is Kajabi Integration?

Kajabi integration enables organizations, teachers, course creators, and training providers to deliver digital certificates, badges, micro-credentials, and blockchain credentials to qualifying members. Using the Kajabi integration, issuers can:

  • Simplify the creation, delivery, and management of credentials
  • Deliver credentials instantly to students on course completion
  • Deliver digital certificates to association members on sign up
  • Create and update digital credentials when a purchase is made
  • Create and update digital credentials when a contact tag is added or removed

In Kajabi, issuers can easily set-up opt-in embeddable forms for simple retrieval of credentials once a student has completed a course. This supports teachers and training providers that want to reward student ability when passing a given topic.

For associations and non-profits managing membership sites, digital credentials can be triggered to issue once a member has completed a sign up form or purchased a membership. 

Kajabi integration with Accredible also supports progression of membership or competency. For example, when a contact tag has been updated from ‘beginner’ to ‘intermediate’ to ‘expert’ as a student progresses through a course, this can trigger the creation and delivery of progressional digital badges.

Issuers can also create a dedicated ‘thank you’ or ‘congratulations’ landing page that members are directed to after they have claimed their credentials. This serves to thank a member for a purchase or congratulate a student on passing a course. For the issuer, this landing page provides a seamless next step to encourage members to engage with and share their credentials online. 

The benefits of using Kajabi Integration

The Kajabi platform offers built-in automated delivery of non-personalized certificates. The certificates of completion are uploaded as a pre-designed image file but cannot be automated to include recipient or student details. 

For personalized digital certificates, Kajabi recommends Accredible’s feature-rich digital credentials that benefit members with:

  • One-click shareability to social media platforms
  • Simple embedding in websites and email signatures
  • High-quality image upload for home or professional printing
  • Detailed contextual evidence to convey the value of their credential

Issuers choosing the Kajabi Accredible integration benefit from:

  • Increased security and encryption for student data
  • Simple and easy to manage name change requests 
  • Protection against unauthorized amendments
  • Detailed engagement and share analytics
  • White label packages for a seamless branded experience

The Accredible platform is the only enterprise-ready credentialing platform that provides the option of full control over branding and white-labelling. Our platform is regularly tested to maintain high-levels of security and ensure accessibility across our tools is compliant to Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 guidelines. 

Personalized Credentials

Recipients of credentials are more likely to engage with emails and credentials that are personalized in their name. Reports have shown that personalized emails see a 139% increase in click-through rate and are 26% more likely to be opened compared to non-personalized emails.

Personalized credentials convey greater trust than a general certificate, especially when being shared across networks on social media. A shared image of a certificate is known as a ghost share - it can be seen but is difficult, if not impossible, to verify as true. Shared digital credentials link to the live credential page which contains more information about the recipient, including evidence of skills or knowledge gained. The live credential also provides a method of verification and space to include further details about the credential itself. 

Encouraged Shares

Simple shareability of digital credentials encourages recipients to celebrate with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances across their preferred social media platforms. Recipients can showcase their employability by adding digital credentials to their LinkedIn profiles, embed on personal websites and in email signatures. 

Every platform that recipients share their digital credentials on increases visibility for the credential, the issuer, and any related courses or training that are linked via the live credential. Issuers can utilize recipient social shares as part of their digital marketing strategy and benefit from user-generated content. User-generated content is an authentic method of marketing that better resonates with target audiences. Social shares can be encouraged with dedicated call to action buttons in credential delivery emails and is cost-effective compared to paid advertising. 

As the number of training and education providers increase and strive to fill the skill gap demand, course creators need to find ways to increase visibility and remain competitive. Digital credentials fulfil that need for issuers and ensure a positive recipient experience. 

How to set up and use Kajabi Integration

Kajabi integration uses Zapier to connect with Accredible to deliver feature-rich digital credentials. Written guidance and video instructions for setting up and using the Accredible integration for Kajabi can be found in the Kajabi help center, linked below:

Further guidance for creating digital credentials is available in our knowledgebase, view our help articles below:

Kajabi Integration FAQs

Q: I have installed the Accredible Kajabi integration and added a trigger in Zapier but the credential is not appearing?

A: Before digital credentials can be automatically issued, a design for the target group must be selected via the Accredible dashboard. For example, if a teacher is trying to automate a certificate for a created course on social media, they must select that course in the Zapier set-up and have created and allocated a design to that group in Accredible. 

In Summary

The Kajabi platform provides innovation and automation for the delivery of courses and training, membership, and coaching programs. With everything in one place, Kajabi offers ease of use and when integrated with Accredible, supports the learner experience with feature-rich digital credentials ready for sharing. 

Get in touch with the sales team to find out more about the Kajabi integration, Accredible's digital badging platform, and how to start issuing digital credentials to your Kajabi members. 

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