What is a micro-credential?

Commonly known as micro-credentials, although also known as nano-degrees, micro-credentials enable accessible learning around the availability of the learner. The qualifications are intended to be:

  • Fast
  • Accessible
  • Reputable
  • Specialized
  • Global
  • Competitively Priced

Whether researching a topic during a coffee-break or watching a lecture over dinner, micro-credentials exist to help learners fill the gaps in their skill set.

How do micro-credentials work?

The demand for up-to-date knowledge within the workforce is growing. In contrast, professionals are struggling with a lack of time.

Enter micro-credentials.

Micro-credentials enable learners to make efficient use of their time to expand their skill set and increase their employability.

Micro-credentials support professionals by making digital credentials accessible as manageable modules of knowledge. The smaller courses are often undertaken online, rather than in-person and usually last weeks, rather than the years required for a full degree.

Take Sam for example, he’s been in his role for a while but would like to advance professionally. He has experience with Microsoft Excel but has little to show for his knowledge. By taking a micro-credential focused on Excel, he can:

  • Easily train around his work-life balance
  • Show proof of his knowledge
  • Achieve a verifiable skill within a few weeks

Not only has Sam shown initiative to his employer, he’s gained some additional knowledge along the way. In addition to winning the promotion, Sam feels empowered to further his learning with additional micro-credentials.

What are stackable micro-credentials?

Stackable micro-credentials are bitesize courses that can be combined to cover a topic in advancing detail. Just like a box of Lego bricks can be used to create many different models; stackable micro-credentials can be combined in a variety of ways to create a personal portfolio of knowledge.

Read more about stackable credentials in our blog post: What Are Stacked Credentials?

Key Takeaways

In summary, micro-credentials are smaller courses of a larger achievement, skill, or topic, and improve employability by:

  • Enabling learners to gain knowledge fast
  • Helping professionals fill the gaps in their skillset
  • Offering a cost-effective method of learning
  • Making learning accessible to busy lifestyles
  • Stacking towards a complete qualification
  • Combining to expand knowledge across a variety of topics

Start the micro-credential journey today and build a portable knowledge portfolio with digital badges and digital certificates delivered by Accredible.

Further Reading

Micro-credential achievements are commonly awarded as digital badges. To learn more about digital badges, download our Guide to Digital Badges by following the link below.

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