They’ve created 17 foundational courses to equip graduates with knowledge, skills and the confidence to ask questions.

They’re allowing investors to stay current and invest in continuing education by providing cost-efficient, online training. Fixed Income Academy adopted Accredible to deliver digital certificates upon course completion, enabling them to track their continued professional education.

“Accredible allows our users to easily track and maintain CPE records needed for renewal of professional designations.” – Tracy Sanchez, Operations and Compliance Manager at Fixed Income Academy.
Fixed Income Academy digital certificate example.
“Fixed Income Academy has demonstrated enormous success in the quality of their programs and their progress toward their mission of leveling the playing field between buyers and sellers in the fixed income investment community. We’re delighted that they’ve chosen to deliver their certificates through Accredible.” – Alan Heppenstall, CTO of Accredible.


Accredible is an industry-leading digital credentialing platform which allows users to securely issue, manage, track, and verify their certificates and badges. Its platform is used by over 400 organizations worldwide, including UC Berkeley, Purdue University, and Google. More than 1,000,000 students have received certificates, badges or blockchain credentials through their platform.


Fixed Income Academy aims to educate fixed income professionals to invest with confidence. Founder and now Advisory Board Chair, Susan Munson, led the way to build a team of experts and seasoned practitioners who share a common belief: Education is the key to leveling the playing field between buyers and sellers in the fixed income investment community. We are on a mission to deliver confidence and encourage open conversation. We know staying current and committing resources to continuing education and training is critical today; at the same time, we know resources are tight and training budgets are often the first to go. Our cost efficient, online training program maximizes limited resources by allowing you to access world-class intelligence; thus dramatically increasing your return on precious time and investment dollars.