Like Paper, but Better

Accredible offers the world's most advanced, secure and customizable Digital Certificates.


Benefits of Digital Certificates on Accredible

One-click Revocation

The conical proof of achievement remains in your control. You can revoke any certificate at the touch of a button.

Fix Errors

Made a spelling mistake? A graduate changed their name? You can make simple, secure and recorded updates to certificates at any time.

Shareable & Portable

Let your graduates promote your brand by sharing their achievement on social media, embedding it onto their website and adding it to their LinkedIn profile.

Easy Verification

Clicking on a link to an Accredible credential brings up the current credential. Verifying certifications on LinkedIn profiles, or ensuring that a credential is up-to-date is a snap.

Dynamic Certificate Designs

Set up your design template to use recipient data that changes on every certificate.
It's like a mail-merge for certificates.
Save time updating fewer designs and re-using the same design across groups or courses.

Recipient Analytics

Accredible lets you know which of recipients have engaged with their certificates - and how much. Find out who has added their credential to LinkedIn, how many 3rd parties are viewing your certificates, and are being directed to your website.

  • We love Accredible. It is a seamless way of generating course completion certificates for students at DBA University and it has good integration with LinkedIn as well.

    – Srini Rameini

    Founder, DBA University
  • They're amazing. They're web-based certificates, [with a] unique URL that you can share with schools and employers [allowing you] to pull greater evidence of participation, engagement, and achievement onto the certification itself.

    – Nathan Thompson

    Education Project Coordinator, Saylor Academy

Flexible & Responsive Design

Accredible Digital Certificates are designed in a visual, drag and drop editor where the output always matches what you create.

They're responsive and scale according to the viewers display. That means they'll look great on mobile, desktop and tablets.

You can choose any paper size an orientation and have a different design for each achievement.

Best of all, you can update designs at the touch of a button. Update your logo on 10,000 certificates with one click!

Cost & Time Savings

The cost of issuing paper certificates can add up fast. When you add in costs of printing, shipping, and labour to produce and mail paper certificates, digital certificates are a much more affordable option, that takes a fraction of the time to create.

Organizations working with us have cut their costs by roughly 85% and reduced their labor time from eight hours to half an hour every month.

Portable but Professional

Digital badges provide a portable, modern standard but aren't yet recognized by most organizations.  Accredible Digital Certificates combine this portability & standard with an instantly recognizable and professional visual appearance.


They go beyond the badge standard to allow for professional references and evidence to showcase an achievement.

Fraud Prevention & Security

Nobody can fake a digital certificate issued by Accredible.

Third parties can view them at any time to view the up to date credential and information - even if a certificate is printed, the online version will always be available to confirm it.

Make a directory of your credentials available to make it even easier for third parties to verify who has your credentials.

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