Digital Badges. Better.

Accredible offers a flexible and comprehensive digital credentialing solution. Offer badges, certificates, or both, depending on how you want to present your learning. We give you full control over the display of your credentials.


Benefits of Digital Badging on Accredible

Open Badge Compliant

Your achievements are portable and can easily be added to badge backpacks.

Brand Exposure & Referrals

50% of students add their credentials to LinkedIn. Most issuers receive 1 direct website referral from every 4 credentials they issue.

Flexible Display

Offer digital badges and/or certificates for your achievements. Look professional and fit with modern credential standards.

Flexible Display That's OpenBadge Compliant

You want to comply to modern credentialing standards and make sure that your students can showcase and store their achievements anywhere, but are concerned that badges don't convey the quality or scale of your achievement?

Accredible provides a flexible solution that is compliant with Mozilla OpenBadges but also allows you to represent your brand in a professional and traditional manner. Display your achievement as a certificate, badge, or both, and ensure you get all the value of a digital badge, while still conveying the gravity of traditional credential.

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See How Your Badges are Being Shared

Understand how your badges are being shared accross Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and 100+ other services. We provide analytics so you can monitor how students are interacting with your badges,gauge the impact of your offerings, and fine tune your messsaging to increase your marketing ROI.

Brand Exposure & Referrals

Accredible credentials integrate smoothly with social networks, increasing the number of your recipients that add their credentials to LinkedIn, as well as directing new traffic to your site as third parties view your badges or certificates.

"This is a huge boost for our online presence reaching people we may have never reached who have clicked onto these certificates and now know who Digital Marketing Institute is and what we do."
Digital Marketing Institute

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