San Diego, CA (April 24, 2018)—National nonprofit AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), which pioneered the development of the college-readiness system now used in over 6,000 schools, today announced the launch of a new digital badging program in partnership with Accredible, a San Francisco-based digital credentialing company. The introduction of digital credentials will allow the participants in AVID’s nationally recognized professional learning to easily demonstrate the expertise they have developed.

“Educators are, themselves, our most powerful partners in extending the reach of the AVID model,” said Thuan Nguyen, AVID Executive Vice President. “This initiative is about validating and celebrating their significant accomplishments, while establishing a framework that will allow us to extend their impact by engaging peers in the field.”

AVID and Accredible are working together to provide secure and portable awards to their graduates to increase the visibility of their professional profile, improve their employability and demonstrate the value of their learning.

AVID digital badge examples.

High quality training and education has economic value. It’s essential to ensure that fraudulent claims of completing that training and education can’t easily be made and using digital badges shows that AVID are taking this issue seriously; protecting the value of their programs and the integrity of their alumni.

“AVID’s consistent, powerful results reflect the ingenuity and dedication of educators, nationwide,” said Danny King, Co-Founder and CEO of Accredible. “We are proud to play a role in enabling the recognition of their skills and accomplishments, and hope that digital badges can provide a powerful tool to further the organization’s visibility, scale, and impact.”


Accredible is an industry-leading digital credentialing platform which allows users to securely issue, manage, track, and verify their credentials. Its platform is used by over 400 organizations worldwide, including MIT, Kaplan University, and Google. For more information about Accredible, please visit the organization’s website.


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