Certificates: Paper vs Digital

Thinking about switching from paper? Save time, money and increase your brand visibility.


How is digital different from paper?

Instant Delivery

Avoid the frustration and delays of snail mail. Digital delivery is instant and free, regardless of the person's location.

No Resending

One in every 200 paper certificates has an error and needs to be re-printed and re-sent. With digital you can make updates and revoke certificates en-masse with the click of a button.

Referrals and Brand Exposure

Generate multiple views for every certificate you send out and gain a referrals. Digital certificates are sharable, providing long term marketing value for your brand.

Save Time

Most customers see time savings above 90% once they move from paper to digital certificates.

Avoid spending time making, printing, and mailing certificates, managing support requests from certificate recipients and validating the authenticity of paper certificates.

Reduce Certificate Costs

Professional, high-quality printing and reliable mail delivery are expensive. Organizations moving to digital typically reduces direct certification costs by over 70%.

Costs from amendments, recertification, lost mail, etc are significantly reduced by moving from paper to digital.

Referrals and Brand Marketing

Sending out paper certificates doesn't allow you to track engagement and brand exposure. Traditional certificates get hung on a wall and their exposure is limited.

Digital certificates can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, added to LinkedIn profiles and link back to your website.

Customers have increased traffic to their programs by as much as 15 times through issuing digital certificates.


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Reduce Fraud

Even with watermarks, embossed paper and e-ink paper certificates are regularly faked. Paper security patterns rely upon third parties knowing what to look for.

For digital, single-click verification makes third-party authentication quick and easy. Digital certificates use bank-level encryption and Blockchain logging meaning it’s impossible to fake your certificates.

See For Yourself

Read our Case Study: How Switching to Accredible helped the Digital Marketing Institute to learn how switching from paper certificates to digital saves time, money and provides significant marketing value.