Manage Your Organization's Certificates: from Issuing, to Editing, to Analytics

Accredible gives you total control over your certificates - even after they're issued.

Manage Your Organization's Certificates: from Issuing, to Editing, to Analytics

Accredible is a Start-to-Finish Solution for Issuing and Managing Certificates

Easy Verification

Clicking on a link to an Accredible credential brings up the current credential. Verifying certifications on LinkedIn profiles, or ensuring that a credential is up-to-date is a snap.

Dashboard for Managing

Records of creation, updates, expiry all in one place and easy to search through.

Dynamic Certificate Designs

Set up your design template to use recipient data that changes on every certificate.
It's like a mail-merge for certificates.
Save time updating fewer designs and re-using the same design across groups or courses.

One-Click Sharing

Your recipients are proud to share their credential with their networks. We make it easy for them to add their certification to LinkedIn, or to post to their social networks - in just one click.

Recipient Analytics

Accredible lets you know which of recipients have engaged with their certificates - and how much. Find out who has added their credential to LinkedIn, how many 3rd parties are viewing your certificates, and are being directed to your website.

Increased Control

Effortlessly delete, edit, or retract an issued credential. Set expiry dates for credentials show when they are valid.

Certificate Features

  • PDF & Printing
  • Recipients can print a high quality PDF of their certificate if they decide to - at any time.
  • Easy to Share
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and hundreds of other platforms. LinkedIn Profile updates.
  • Optional Expiration and Renewal
  • Set expiry dates to change the display of your credentials when they are no longer valid.
  • Optional Student Evidence Portfolio
  • Increase the credibility of your course by attaching examples of student learning like assignments or grades to your credentials.

Dashboard Features

  • Certificate Design Editor
  • Completely customize the appearance of the credentials you issue. Update the designs of certificates even after issuing
  • Accurate Record Keeping
  • Update information about a credential at any time. Name changes are a snap, and update your records.
  • Team Members
  • Allow others in your organization to create credentials - and control where they should be allowed to do this.
  • Link Your Social Accounts
  • Add your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to allow 1-click adds to LinkedIn profiles, and customize celebratory tweets when recipients claim your credentials
  • Stackable Credentials
  • Automate the creation and delivery of stacked credentials

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