Enterprise Level Features

We've developed custom solutions for some of the most well-respected names in education, training, and certification.

Custom solutions, regardless of the size or complexity of your certification or training program.

If you need to issue 10,000 certificates or badges annually, have specific requirements for your vendors, need extra help with setup and maintenance, or require any of the features listed below, contact us for a consultation and free quote.

Contract or SLA

If you need to have us sign a custom contract instead of our standard terms, or you require a Service-Level Agreement to ensure uptime or support response time beyond our standard commitments.

Security Audit

You require Accredible to go through a security audit as part of your contract requirements.

High Volume Issuing

If you need to issue 20k certificates, open badges, or blockchain credentials in a year - or more.

Staff Training

If you need training for you and your admin staff to be able to use Accredible effectively once your account has been set up.

Concierge Account Services

Designing, creating, sending, and managing certificates or badges on your behalf if you'd like to focus on other business goals.

Integration Set-up

If you need non-standard integration work - setting up an integration from scratch using the API, or getting a Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution working.

Integrations are free if your team is doing the development, even with the API.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Depending on the type of SSO (SAML or JWT token exchange), a final quote will be available after understanding your requirements.

SSO is free if your team is doing the development using our API.

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