Accredible can help your educational organization

Update your credentials to the 21st century to dramatically reduce costs, extend and track your brand reach through your credentials, and increase the security and validity of your certification program.


How Accredible Makes Issuing Easy and Saves Time

21st Century Credentials

Easily issue Open Badges, PDFs, and Digital Certificates in one place. Switch between the display types whenever you want, to convey the importance of each achievement.

Save time by issuing hundreds of certificates at a time by spreadsheet upload, or technical integration.

Brand Exposure & Referrals

40-50% of alumni add their credential to LinkedIn, spreading your brand and website.

Turn your paper certificates into a marketing channel for your organization.

Fraud Prevention & Security

An Accredible credential on LinkedIn, or embedded in a website is always linked to an online version on our site, allowing anyone to easily validate a credential's authenticity.

You have complete control over expiry dates and deletion.

What they’re saying

Stories from real recipients and customers

Brand Exposure and Referrals

Accredible Digital credentials will increase how many of your recipients add their credentials to LinkedIn (and track this) as well as direct new traffic to your site as third parties view certificates and look for more information on your site.

"This is a huge boost for our online presence, reaching people we may have never reached who have clicked onto these certificates and now know who Digital Marketing Institute is and what we do."
Digital Marketing Institute

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Cost & Time Savings

The cost of issuing traditional certificates can add up fast. When you add in costs of printing, shipping, and labour to produce and mail paper certificates, digital certificates or badges are a much more affordable option, that takes a fraction of the time to create.

Organizations working with us have cut their costs by roughly 85% and reduced their labor time from eight hours to half an hour every month.

Fraud Prevention & Security

Nobody can fake a digital certificate issued by Accredible.

Third parties can view them at any time to view the up to date credential and information - even if a certificate is printed, the online version will always be available to confirm it.

Make a directory of your credentials available to make it even easier for third parties to verify who has your credentials.


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