Tesol International Association
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Prior to Accredible, we would print and send our certificates in the mail. This took a lot of time, money, and effort. It also created restrictions in that it was difficult to make updates to issued certificates when necessary. We were looking for credentials that would reduce the staff hours to issue and were easy for our participants to share. Accredible was a great option for TESOL International because it made issuing credentials easy. Our credentials are now easy to send and share. We have been able to save staff time and provide high-quality digital credentials to our candidates. Recipients like the digital credentials and how easy they are to get as they no longer have to wait for them to be received in the mail.

Key benefits of Accredible are the ease of use and the continuous support we receive from the Accredible team. In particular, we have had some great meetings with Accredible about how they will help to grow our programs in the future, and are looking forward to discussing this more.