Improved recipient experience.

It’s now easier (and more attractive) for your recipients to share their collection of credentials. If you’re issuing more than one certificate or badge to the same person, they can now easily share a glance-able page with all of their achievements.

A recipient of a credential can now set a password for return visits for easier login. Recipients of certificates and badges are still automatically logged in to the credential and don’t get prompted to create a password. They will only see the option in the dropdown from their account name. This makes re-logging in much smoother (and equally secure option) for many recipients who have found the security-code process difficult in the past.

We now indicate to certificate and badge viewers that they can ‘Verify a Credential’. We want your recipients to benefit from increased trust in their credentials.

– We’ve updated the display of the credential page to put more emphasis on the requirements and status of a credential.

Sharing is easier. We’ve reworked the actions on the credential view to ensure that the key options are easier to access.

– Certificates & Badges load much faster and have a reduced file size.

– We now support the French language. We’re always adding new languages.

Take a look at our badge example: