Accredible, the world’s leading digital credentialing platform, today announced the launch of Pathways, a first-of-its kind product allowing learners to map multi-course learning pathways to their career goals. With the launch of this unique feature, Accredible furthers its mission of connecting learners to high-value, career-defining skills development and credentialing courses while striving to close the skills gap that has widened in recent years.

Accredible’s recent launch comes during a time of hyper growth for the credentialing industry - predicting that 2023 will be the “Year of the Credential,” especially as verifiable digital credentials are becoming increasingly valuable to educational institutions, learners, and employers alike.

“Helping learners visualize the most efficient path that meets their upskilling goals has been a long-standing challenge, especially given the wide array of credentialing and continuing education options that exist today,” said Danny King, CEO and co-founder of Accredible. “With the launch of Pathways, we’re able to help people take the guesswork out of planning their learning journeys and instead offer clearer, more effective recommendations that help them achieve their goals and further position themselves for career growth and advancement opportunities.”

Pathways will offer learners direct recommendations to build and branch off their current skills, which will empower credential seekers to discover and pursue relevant development opportunities, achieve a higher return on their investment in continuous learning, and ultimately make it easier to reach their goals. Furthermore, Pathways will help solve long-standing problems around enrollment and engagement that credentialing providers have faced while looking to promote their courses. To solve these challenges, Pathways will allow credential providers to promote and list specific courses that build upon learners’ previous coursework and future desired skills.

“By allowing issuers to meet credential seekers exactly where they are on their individual journeys, Pathways will help people achieve their individual reskilling and upskilling goals, while also helping close the professional skills gap that is affecting so many organizations around the globe” added Rochelle Ramirez, Vice President of Product at Accredible. “We are thrilled to see this product officially come to market, and look forward to Pathways’ role in helping evangelize continuous learning for students and workers of all backgrounds.”

Founded in 2013, Accredible has issued more than 60 million credentials to date. Those interested in learning more can visit