Digital Credentials and the Power of Social Sharing

Go where your members go and be seen where it matters most.


When Students Celebrate, They Also Celebrate You.

Measure Marketing Performance

Using our analytics dashboard, track views, shares, and referrals from your certificates and badges.

Brand Exposure

Recipients share your brand on their LinkedIn profile, their personal website, and 100+ other social media platforms

Get Referrals

Interested leads delivered from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the recipient themselves.

Add to LinkedIn Profiles

Recipients use your certificates and badges to make themselves more credible. Accredible makes it easy to connect your LinkedIn organization to your certificates, and recipients will spread your brand.

Share on Social Media

Your graduates are proud of their achievements. They are able to easily spread their achievement through Facebook, Twitter, and any other network they prefer, sharing your organization with their social and professional circles.

Following you

Viewers of credentials can easily start following your social media accounts directly from credentials you issue.

Embedded Certificates

Recipients are able to easily embed their certificate or badge in their email signatures, or directly on their personal websites.

Email Engagement

Connect with your alumni via email to continue engagement in a non-spammy way.

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