What is a digital wallet?

Digital wallets are used in conjunction with mobile payment systems to allow users to make purchases as if they are using a traditional debit or credit card. They are used to store loyalty cards, digital coupons, and digital credentials for convenient access. As smartphone users continue to rise, as do the number of digital wallet users. In 2018, Statista reported 140 million Apple Pay Users and 39 million Google Wallet users, with growth anticipated to reach 227 million Apple Pay users and 100 million Google Wallet users in 2020.

How is a digital wallet used?

Digital wallets are installed as apps on smartphones with NFC (near field communication) support. To use a digital wallet to make a purchase, the smartphone is presented like a contactless debit/credit card and the selected card is charged. To retrieve coupons, credentials, or loyalty cards, users open the app, select the card they wish to show and display this to the necessary individual. 

How can I share digital credentials from my digital wallet card?

Digital credentials with public visibility can be added to the preferred digital wallet (Apple Pay or Google Wallet) for sharing and verification on-the-go. Full instructions for adding digital credentials to digital wallets can be found in the knowledgebase:

On presentation of the digital credential, third-parties can scan the included QR code to be taken directly to the live digital credential page. Here they can verify the validity of the credential, assess further information including course and training details, skill tags, and uploaded evidence. This is useful for presenting job credentials on-site, and membership cards to provide proof of affiliation. 

Using the digital wallet ‘share’ functionality, recipients can also share their digital credential with the interested third-party directly from the digital wallet for verification and viewing. 

How does the Accredible digital wallet card feature compare?

Accredible supports the ability to upload digital credentials with public visibility to digital wallets for on-the-go use. 

Recipients can upload all digital credentials to the same digital wallet for convenience. This ensures they don’t need to worry about carrying numerous membership cards or physical proof of their credentials. 

For issuers, the ability to upload digital credentials to digital wallets saves on the cost and time-commitment of creating, printing, and posting physical credentials to their candidates. 

With Accredible’s digital wallet card support, issuers are assured of:

  • Seamless functionality with no additional set-up
  • Proof of membership on-the-go
  • Easy presentation of job-site credentials
  • One-tap upload for adding digital credentials
  • The ability to collect and present multiple digital mobile credentials

In Summary

The convenience of digital wallet cards benefits both issuers and recipients. Issuers can save on the cost of producing physical credentials by encouraging recipients to take their digital credential on-the-go. Recipients need never go without their membership or job-site credentials and can provide easy-to-share evidence of skill for interviews and employee reviews. 

Get started issuing digital credentials with digital wallet card support for your recipients. Sign up for a trial basic issuer account for up to 20 unique recipients, or get in touch with sales to build the ideal digital credentialing program

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