Why Associations Use Accredible

Save Time & Money

Associations can save over $10,000 a year, depending on how many certifications you issue a year. Save an employee's worth of work at the same time.

Streamline your Verification

Instantly revoke membership certificates. Embed a directory of current members on your website.

Let your Members Promote YOU

40-50% of members adding their membership to their LinkedIn profiles will spread your brand.

Save Time and Money

Issuing traditional certificates can be incredibly costly - especially if you have international members. Digital certificates are easier to issue, take less time, and don't need to be mailed. Recipients love digital certificates because they're received instantly and don't get lost.

Let Your Members Promote You

Credential recipients are able to share their certificate to social media, update their LinkedIn profiles with your certification (in 1-click), and embed their credential in their email signatures or personal website.

Your recipients are easily able to share their credential anywhere they want, spreading your brand and increasing awareness of your certification.

Learn how Accredible Credentials can help your marketing efforts.

Are you ready to Start Issuing?

Easier Membership Renewals

Unlike paper certificates, you can instantly revoke or expire certifications and encourage members to renew their membership by customizing the message that is displayed on expired certificates.

Easier Credential Verification

Embed a searchable directory of members onto your website, automatically synced with your latest certification data, or use our standard one. Anyone can search up-to-date records to confirm which people hold your credentials.