Certificates and badges that are built to be shared and help spread brand awareness.

One-click sharing to social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn help generate web traffic and referrals for your program. It's time to turn your digital certificates and badges into a marketing tool.

One-Click Sharing

Digital certificate and badge owners can share their achievement with a single click. Accredible certificates or badges can be shared to 100+ social media platforms, and it's easy to add your achievement to LinkedIn.

PDF Export

Any digital certificates can easily be saved as a PDF with all of your certificate owner's information in place. Credential owners can print their achievement and hang them on their wall if they really miss having a traditional paper certificate.

Embed in Email Signatures

Your credential holders can embed their digital certificates and badges into their email signatures to share their achievements with their colleagues and clients.

Increase the visibility of your training program by encouraging your recipients to embed their certificate or badge into their email signatures, and track how often your certifications are being viewed.

Embeddable on Websites

Accredible digital certificates and open badges are embeddable into your credential-holders' personal or business websites. If you certify schools or businesses, an embedded version of their credential always displays it's live status - is it expired or valid - and updates in real time, advertising your certification directly where it matters.

HQ Print PDF

If you're issuing digital certificates, you can include high-resolution backgrounds and images in your certificate design to allow your credential holders to print high-quality versions of the digital artifact.