Accredible & Data Privacy

Maintaining the security of our services and managing the privacy concerns of our customers are our top priorities. We understand that the data we process for you is important and needs to be protected.


How does Accredible help ensure your data is protected?

EU Model Clauses

We have a bespoke, carefully crafted data privacy agreement which includes the EU model clauses to give you and your customers piece of mind.

Policy & Procedure

We have robust access control, encryption and security policies in place to make sure that we systematically protect your data.


We have internal and external audits on a regular basis to ensure that we're maintaining the highest standards.

White Paper

Accredible has prepared a whitepaper that outlines our commitment to data privacy and answers the most common security and data protection questions.

The whitepaper describes how Accredible is compliant with the Data Protection Directive - Directive 95/64/EC.

Download our data privacy whitepaper.

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