How 101 Blockchains Revolutionized their Certifications and Training Courses with Digital Certificates

The Organization

101 Blockchains is the world’s largest community of blockchain professionals with a wide assorted selection of certification programs and professional training courses. The founder of 101 Blockchains, Aviv Lichtigstein, has started this venture with the objective of empowering the next generation of blockchain professionals. The demand for 101 Blockchains certifications and training courses has increased profoundly in recent times. With learners in the confines of their homes, the 101 Blockchains platform offered exclusive resources for learning about blockchain.

The platform has already been successful in garnering the trust of over 30,000 enterprise professionals. Apart from the enterprise blockchain certification and training courses, 101 Blockchains also offers insights into the latest industry research. It helps learners and enterprise blockchain professionals learn more about the blockchain ecosystem with webinars and interviews with industry experts.

The credibility of 101 Blockchains as a leading platform for blockchain certification and training has helped the organization earn the trust of thousands of professionals from reputed organizations. The platform offers interactive free learning resources such as a free course, flashcards, glossaries, webinars, infographics, and presentations to hone blockchain knowledge. Training courses and certifications on the platform feature video lectures and engaging, practical exercises to encourage better learning experiences.

As the number of learners on 101 Blockchains continues to increase substantially, the company must work on an ideal solution for recognition of members. The use of a digital credential solution not only for certification courses but also for membership could enhance visibility. In order to support the exclusiveness of its community, 101 Blockchains needs digital credential solutions.

The Impact

The Challenge

101 Blockchains relies a lot on learners for expanding their community of blockchain professionals. Therefore, 101 Blockchains had to find solutions that were tailored in accordance with the demands of their users or learners. With the popularity of its blockchain certificates, 101 Blockchains had to come up with a solution that leveraged blockchain technology. The organization had different certification programs and courses, thereby calling for the need for a digital credential solution that could offer different certificates in one place.

In addition, the platform required a digital credential solution that is easy to integrate with existing solutions. 101 Blockchains also required the digital certification solution, which could help in generating membership certificates for the visibility of members. Another important challenge for the platform was to help learners and professionals generate the certificates and share them on professional networks such as LinkedIn. The platform also required a digital credentialing solution capable of supporting different integrations such as Zapier.

The Solution

"We are truly excited to have Accredible as our digital credentialing software partner. The solution gives us a holistic tool for creating different types of certificates for our certifications and training courses. Most important of all, our learners are happy as they could get certificates with the facility of sharing on social media."

Aviv Lichtigstein, CEO & Founder

101 Blockchains started using Accredible as their digital certificate solution integrated effectively with the existing training platform, i.e., Thinkific Platform. The platform has been able to reap favorable benefits with the functionality of social sharing of credentials. The social sharing of credentials on professional networks like LinkedIn has contributed to the improved visibility of members. At the same time, the platform has also been able to record promising improvements in the popularity of its certification and training courses. Interestingly, the ability for members to showcase their identity as a part of the 101 Blockchains community on social media benefits the platform and its marketing strategy.

The foremost challenge for online education and certification course providers is the effectiveness of marketing. With the Accredible digital certificate solution, learners could share their certifications online, thereby showing how they are benefited from the platform. The flexibility of creating new certificate groups and designs with Accredible also helped 101 Blockchains classify its certifications effectively. One of the top advantages, however, points towards the ease of integration offered in Accredible. The digital credentialing solution works in a plug-and-play manner, reducing the need for coding efforts and developer involvement. Therefore, 101 Blockchains discovered a reliable solution for issuing digital certificates with Accredible for its community.

The Results

"After we started with Accredible as our digital credentialing solution, we have experienced a favorable growth in our LinkedIn page views. Accredible offered us one of the most flexible instruments to deliver value to our learners while supporting our marketing strategies. Our learners are excited to share their credentials on LinkedIn, and it is helping in developing their careers as well as our reputation."

Aviv Lichtigstein, CEO & Founder

The collaboration with a digital credentialing solution like Accredible has been able to drive promising value for 101 Blockchains users. Members of 101 Blockchains have expressed their success stories in which they mentioned that digital credentials played a crucial role in career advancement. Many learners have been able to share their enterprise blockchain certifications and training course certifications on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn to boost their visibility.

Learners have attributed the social sharing capabilities in 101 Blockchains certificates as the most favorable factor for their career development. In addition, the digital certification solution by Accredible has enabled the development of different certification designs. Therefore, 101 Blockchains could easily create different types of certifications according to the participation of learners. As a result, users could get membership credentials as well as course completion certificates apart from the enterprise blockchain certifications.

101 Blockchains has been witnessing prolific growth in LinkedIn page views, followed by the launch of digital credentials. The platform has been able to garner the attention of LinkedIn users, with 101 Blockchains users sharing their certificates. In addition, the digital certification solution was also crucial in simplifying the access to 101 Blockchains resources for members. The membership certificate created with Accredible helps the platform offer a distinct mark of recognition to its users.

The collaboration between 101 Blockchains and Accredible has resulted in improvements in the value of certifications alongside increased attention on 101 Blockchains. Accredible has helped the platform expand its popularity on social media while improving value for all users.

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