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Separate API Keys for Departments

Jake Ford
May 13, 2021
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We have recently updated API key creation and management for organizations with multiple departments on the Accredible platform.

Issuers can create and manage two types of API key in their account. This allows access to be restricted to a specific department or account-wide. Parent organizations can set up integrations specific to departments, preventing access, issuing permissions, and retrieval of data from other departments. Account-wide API keys can still be configured to provide data access for all departments across the organization. 

Can we set up different integrations per department?

Yes, organizations can set up multiple integrations with different keys. This makes it easy to keep track of access and easily provision new keys for ease of management. 

Can we keep existing account-wide API keys? 

Yes, issuers can keep existing account wide API or integrations that allow all departments to issue in, edit or retrieve data. 

Can we restrict data access to specific departments?

Yes, department specific API/Integrations prevent access to data from other departments.

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