These enhancements will enable issuers to not only customize the directory to highlight attributes that are relevant to their organization, but for the first time, issuers will be able to use the Spotlight Directory across multiple departments.

Here’s a more in-depth view of the new Spotlight Directory features in action.

One Directory Highlighting Multiple Achievements

Whether an issuer has one department or many to highlight in a directory – now they can! Our upgraded Spotlight Directory allows issuers to feature a number of credentials, across departments, with an easily searchable index to find recipients who hold various credentials.

Spotlight Profile Settings That Fit An Issuer’s Needs

Every issuer has their own directory use cases and now they can fully customize what fields are shown and searchable. Issuers have the ability to add custom fields to a recipient’s profile to display the information that matters most to their organization. Fields such as phone number, email address, location – and many more can be easily added to an organization’s directory, making it a robust and instantly searchable database.

A Completely Branded & Customized Directory Experience

Issuers will enjoy a fully whitelabeled directory that is customized to their brand’s look and feel. Everything from the header, to the footer, to the branded directory URL – Accredible’s upgraded Spotlight Directory seamlessly extends the issuer’s learning experience. Issuers can also customize a number of directory behaviors, including which credentials are displayed in the directory, which credentials makes a recipient eligible for the directory, and which fields are searchable. 

If you’re looking for a highly unique way to display, search, and share your recipients’ credentials, then the newly enhanced Spotlight Directory is a great addition to your Accredible experience!