What is Moodle?

Moodle is an open source, learning management system intended to serve both blended and online learning. The LMS has been designed to provide a secure, scalable platform for the creation of personalized learning environments and includes:

  • Access to collaborative external tools
  • A range of useful in-built features
  • Accessibility across all popular devices
  • A directory of powerful plugins and integrations

What is Moodle Integration?

Moodle Integration through Accredible enables issuers to award digital badges and digital certificates on their Moodle instance. Using Moodle integration, issuers can:

  • Replace the standard PDF certificates
  • Manually issue individual digital credentials
  • Set-up auto-issue course completion criteria by:
    • Final exam score
    • Activity completion
  • Issue more than one credential within a single course
  • Create individual digital credential designs per course/pathway
  • Automate the delivery of digital credentials to recipients
  • Allow teachers to update and manage credentials using SSO (Single Sign On)
  • Authorize Moodle students to update credentials using SSO

The benefits of using Moodle Integration

Moodle issues PDF certificates as standard, however PDF certificates have a number of downsides:

  • Difficult to verify
  • Easy to reproduce/falsify
  • Low security
  • Restricted space for details
  • Can’t be shared easily

Digital credentials issued using Moodle integration benefit from: 

  • Bank-level platform encryption
  • One-click verification
  • Blockchain protection
  • Dedicated credential page
  • Simple sharing and embedding

This makes it easy to provide secure, feature-rich credentials that can be managed, updated, and revoked from the Moodle instance. 

Issuer Branding

Issuers have full control over the design and branding of their digital credentials, including access to the free badge designer for creating professional-looking badges with ease. Additional branding and white labelling packages are available for organizations hosting Moodle on their own web domain that want full branding control from delivery to credential hosting. 

Recipient Experience

For Moodle students, digital credentials can be easily shared to their preferred social media platforms or embedded into emails and on webpages. This helps students develop their employability with easy to verify credentials while increasing online visibility for the issuing brand. Unlike PDF certificates, digital credentials can be verified in one click - with no account creation required for viewing or verification - excellent for on-the-go proof of skills or knowledge.

How to set-up Moodle Integration

Instructions for setting up the Moodle integration can be found in our knowledge base: How Do I Set Up the Moodle Integration with Accredible?

Detailed written instructions for the Moodle certificate module are also available on the GitHub page.

How to use Moodle Integration

The Accredible Moodle integration has been designed around ease of use. Once an activity has been added, a badge or certificate design allocated, and the criteria for Moodle course completion set, the automated process can be left to run. 

More information can be found in our knowledge base article: How are Credentials Issued Through the Moodle Integration with Accredible?

Creating a Digital Badge or Certificate

Digital credential designs are created, updated, and managed from the Accredible platform. Designs can be made and updated at any time, although digital credentials will not appear until a design has been selected for the course, as instructed below.

For detailed instructions on how to create digital credentials, view our help articles below:

Adding an Activity

To get started after installing the Moodle integration:

  • In the Moodle instance, select the course you wish to add certificates or badges to
  • From the ‘add an activity or resource’ pop-up, select Accredible and then:
    • Manually select the students you wish to issue certificates to
    • OR
    • Choose to issue certificates based on Moodle course completion status (completion tracking) or final exam grade (quiz activity must be selected)
  • Once the activity has been added, click ‘Save & Display’ and a new group will be created on the Accredible account, the group can be managed from the Accredible dashboard

Allocating Accredible Digital Credential

Open the Accredible dashboard and find the most recently created group:

  • Select the group and complete any outstanding group details relevant to the course
  • Follow one of the links in the red ‘This group needs a design’ banner to add a certificate or badge design (or both)
  • Select an existing design or create a new design for this group
  • The chosen digital credential will be sent automatically from now on to students that meet the criteria

Digital certificate and digital badge designs can be easily created, updated, or removed from the Accredible dashboard.

Publishing Certificates to Manually Selected Students

Any manually selected students (from adding an activity) will need their new credential to be published. To publish:

  • Go to the ‘Credential List’ tab within the Accredible dashboard
  • Tick the boxes next to the students name
  • Click the ‘Publish’ button
  • Head over to the Moodle instance and see the new issued credentials

Moodle Integration FAQs

Answers to the most common questions issuers ask regarding Moodle integration:

Q: I have issued credentials (manually or automatically) but why can’t I see the Moodle badge or certificate?

A: Once the activity has been added, the badge or certificate design needs to be allocated to the auto-created group in the Accredible dashboard. Until allocated, the credential will show as unavailable or private. 

Q: I have allocated a design and set course completion criteria, but the credential hasn’t been issued?

A: Digital credentials are not issued until students have met the set completion criteria. Certificates and badges are not issued when course admins complete the course or quiz. 

Q: Can I set more than one badge or certificate per course/activity?

A: Yes!

Q: I have set up the activity, manually selected students, and allocated a badge/certificate design, but the credential has not been received?

A: Students that are manually chosen prior to allocating a certificate or badge design need to have their credentials manually published via the ‘Credential List’ tab in the Accredible dashboard.

In Summary

Accredible’s Moodle integration is a powerful plugin that provides recipients with feature-rich, secure credentials for use online or on-the-go. Replace the standard PDF certificates with digital credentials that offer real value to students and can be used as an instantly verifiable portable portfolio of knowledge. 

Get your Moodle integration demo today by booking a call with the Accredible sales team. 

Further Reading

Watch our Moodle integration webinar featuring Saylor Academy. During the webinar, we cover how to:

  • Activate and configure our Moodle Plugin
  • Automatically create Accredible badges and certificates based on Moodle course completion criteria
  • Bring Moodle course data into Accredible
  • Display badges and certificates to students within the Moodle LMS
  • Automatically authorize students to update their Moodle badges and certificates
  • Authorize teachers to update badge information or revoke credentials

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