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Cody Gondyke
September 9, 2022
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The Caveon Scorpion integration enables issuers using Caveon’s online testing platform, Scorpion, to automatically issue credentials to learners based on their exam results. Use the Scorpion integration to deliver feature-rich digital credentials including digital badges, digital certificates, and blockchain credentials to learners.

What is Caveon® Scorpion?

Caveon is the recognized industry leader in the test security field, and have been providing test security consulting, exam development, web monitoring, data forensics services solutions for over 19 years. In addition to their test security services, Caveon’s online testing platform, Scorpion, enables professional testing organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to build, deliver, and secure high-stakes exams online. Using the Scorpion testing platform, organizations can:

  • Design exams, write items, and remotely collaborate in an easy-to-use exam development interface
  • Remotely administer and proctor exams online with Scorpion’s scalable test delivery features
  • Enhance test security with enhanced proctor controls, watermarking, and propriety secure item types
Caveon Scorpion Demo Screenshot

What is Caveon Scorpion integration?

The Scorpion integration through Accredible enables issuers to automate the issuance of digital badges and digital certificates to test takers and exam candidates through Caveon’s online testing solution Scorpion. Using the Scorpion integration, exam providers can:

  • Automate the creation and delivery of exam certificates and badges
  • Map schema information such as name and email to Accredible’s data fields
  • Set issuance criteria based on test taker exam results in Scorpion

The benefits of using Scorpion integration

Caveon’s testing platform doesn’t offer the ability to issue certificates or badges. It requires integration with a digital credentialing solution like Accredible to enable organizations to deliver credentials to their candidates. Digital credentials issued using Accredible’s Caveon integration benefit from:

  • Simple, one-click verification of authenticity across devices
  • Full control over validity, design, and details of live certificates and badges
  • Support for high-quality printed certificates with hard-copy verification using QR-codes
  • A dedicated credential webpage that offers space for comprehensive program detail, skill tags, and evidence uploads
  • Built-in, one-click sharing to over 20 social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • An enterprise ready platform backed by bank-level encryption and data protection
  • Optional blockchain protection for increased security against credential fraud
  • Fully customizable digital certificate and badge designs using Accredible’s simple drag-and-drop design tools
Digital Badge and Digital Certificate Example

Accredible’s feature-rich digital credentials enable issuers to increase their visibility through shareable digital certificates and open badge compliant digital badges. After issuance, recipients share their digital credentials in celebration to their preferred social networks, embed their credential on webpages or in email signatures, and add their newly earned awards to their LinkedIn profiles. Each share and engagement increases brand awareness for the issuing organization to their target audience. Comprehensive program details, skill tags, and evidence uploaded to digital credentials showcases the value of the award and what knowledge, skills, and experience the recipient has gained. This attracts prospective candidates to the issuer’s available programs and helps to increase referrals and enrolments. Issuers can track the reach of their recipient shares from their detailed Analytics dashboard on Accredible and report on how and where individuals are engaging with their credentials.

Ease of Verification

Credential Verification Example Screenshot

Accredible digital credentials can be easily verified as authentic and have been delivered by a reputable issuer from the dedicated credential page. Users that navigate to the webpage of the unique credential can click on the ‘Verify’ button to retrieve confirmation that the credential is genuine and valid. Credential fraud is a common issue and the ability to authenticate a credential is important for protecting both the credential and the integrity of the issuing organization. Accredible digital credentials also support hard-copy verification through the inclusion of a QR-code on print-ready certificates. Users scan the QR-code which links to the live credential page from which the user can view the credential details and verify its validity and authenticity. 

Full Credential Control

Expired Digital Credential Example

Digital credentials exist in real-time and control over the design, details, and validity remains in full control of the issuing organization. Unlike physical certificates which lack control once they are in the hands of recipients and are a low barrier to fraud. Issuers that want to encourage their recipients to return and reskill can set their credentials to expire within a set time period. Recipients receive several reminders before their credential is due to expire, encouraging them to refresh their knowledge or skills. Once expired, the credential is updated with a red, page-width banner that states the credential has expired and can no longer be verified. The increased visibility of expiration helps to motivate recipients to keep their digital credentials up-to-date. The level of control also extends to the ability to update credential design and details and automate slight name changes of one or two characters. This is useful should stakeholder details need to be updated or if the issuer branding undergoes a change.  

How to set-up the Scorpion integration

Accredible integrates with Scorpion using our easy-to-use API, and some basic UI-driven fields in the Scorpion platform. Details on locating the integration API key can be found in our knowledge-base:

How to use the Scorpion integration

After successfully integrating Accredible into Scorpion using the API key, issuers need to create their digital credential groups via the ACMS. 

Creating a Digital Badge or Certificate

Digital badges and digital certificates are designed, created, managed, and updated from the Accredible Credential Management System (ACMS). We offer two easy-to-use, drag-and-drop design tools, a certificate designer and a badge designer, that can be accessed from the Accredible dashboard. 

Instructions and advice for creating digital badges and digital certificates can be found in our knowledgebase. Follow the links to our help articles below:

Issuing Digital Credentials from Scorpion

Issuers can set-up the criteria for digital badge and digital certificate issuance from within Scorpion. As this integration has been created and is managed by the Caveon team, help and guidance for setting up and using integration is available from Caveon Support.

In Summary

Accredible’s Scorpion integration gives organizations the functionality to reward their successful exam candidates and test takers with feature-rich digital credentials. Integrate Accredible into your Scorpion instance today and start offering secure, shareable, and verifiable digital badges, digital certificates, and blockchain credentials to your candidates to increase your program and brand visibility. 

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