Influencers’ Suite

ACMS Influencers' Suite Top 5 Influencers Screenshot
Ranked list of top social influencers

Available for Growth Plan customers, the influencers' suite provides insights into which recipients are promoting credentialed courses. Issuers can learn who is amplifying their programs, including total views, number of referrals, and which social media platforms they are sharing their credentials to.

ACMS Influencers' Suite Engaged Social Platforms Screenshot
A view of the social platforms they are engaging with

The influencers’ suite enables issuers to work with their influential recipients to drive additional referrals to their programs. Issuers can offer discount codes for top influencers to share with their channels, reward top influencers for sharing, and increase engagement with the top-performing social posts to boost issuer visibility.

Primary Design Setting

Accredible issuers now have the ability to select the primary design for a credential that uses multiple designs (badge and certificate). The setting can be found within the Group Settings, beneath the existing selections for credential designs. The primary design setting enables issuers to:

  • Select whether the badge or certificate design shows first when the credential is opened
  • Control which design is visible in the preview image when the credential is shared to social media.
ACMS Primary Design Setting Screenshot
Primary Design Setting Screenshot

The primary design setting gives issuers greater control over the credential issuing experience, with the ability to select how credentials appear when shared to social media platforms.