What is the digital credential referral calculator?

The calculator is a tool to understand the positive impact of adding digital credentials and generate potential sales and marketing returns. Customers can use the tool to communicate the value created by digital credentials to decision-makers and internal stakeholders. The calculator helps the customer value optimization process by providing insight into the ROI of marketing strategies. 

How does the digital credential referral calculator work?

Issuers input their: 

  • Number of unique users
  • Credential type
  • Industry
  • Average course cost
  • Close-rate percentage 

To generate best case and average scenarios for referral and engagement rates using Accredible’s existing data. The calculator returns potential revenue generated for referrals and sign ups.  

Digital Credential Referral Calculator

Accessing the digital credential referral calculator

The Accredible sales team is happy to provide a demonstration of the digital credential referral calculator. Get in touch to book a demo or follow the link below to access the digital credential referral calculator online. 

Calculate referrals