Admins can now set individual credit allowances with a maximum amount of usable credits per department. Once the credits for that department have been used, the department can no longer issue credentials and the admin will receive an email to say the credit quota has been reached. Email notifications are also sent when the department is within the last 5% of their total credits.

Setting department credit allowances.

When do department credits refresh?

Department credits refresh at the same time as the account credits. Issuer admins can change the department allowance at any time. 

Can departments still create digital credentials with no credits?

When a department has run out of credits, credentials are still created but cannot be published live until credits have been refreshed or topped up. This prevents lost recipient data when uploading via an integration or the API.

Can admins change the number of credits available per department?

Yes, at any time administrators can amend the number of credits per department. This can be used to increase or decrease available credits and prevent departments from issuing further credentials. 

Note: Setting the credit number on a department to ‘0’ enables that department to issue an infinite amount of digital credentials (within the plan limit).