An Introduction to Accredible’s Design Tools

Jake Ford
June 15, 2021
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As part of the Accredible platform we provide two design tools for issuers to use - the badge design tool and the certificate design tool. Both tools are free in-browser design creators that are easy to use to create fantastic looking badge and certificate designs to deliver to candidates.

What are the Accredible design tools?

Accredible offers two design tools completely free for issuers to use to create distributable digital credentials that automatically generate using group and candidate information. Created with ease-of-use as a focus, the design tools include everything required to create digital credentials that meet brand guidelines. The Accredible team have put together some excellent resources for using the design tools that can be reached in the knowledgebase below:

How to create a design using Accredible design tools

Badge Designer

The badge design tool can be used by visiting for basic design functionality. The badge designer can also be assessed via the Accredible dashboard once logged in and includes access to custom attributes. Once logged in, navigate to ‘Designs’ and then click ‘Create Badge Design’ on the right hand side.  

Start creating a digital badge by dropping elements from the left hand side menu onto the blank canvas. The designer includes a varied library of badge backgrounds, ribbons, and decorative icons, all fully customizable to brand colors and style guidelines. Text is easy to add and edit to include badge information when not using automated attributes. The image upload option makes it simple to add additional decorative elements, logos, and custom typography, or upload a pre-designed badge image. 

Finished badge designs can be downloaded in SVG or PNG format ready for upload and use, or saved directly to your account when logged in via the dashboard. Once saved, badge designs can be allocated to a group ready for delivery to recipients. 

Certificate Designer

Accredible’s certificate designer is accessed via the Accredible dashboard. Once logged in, navigate to ‘Designs’ and then click ‘Create Certificate Design’ on the right side. The certificate design tool works like the badge design tool, simply drag and drop the elements required for the design onto the canvas. Images including decorative embellishments, logos, and custom typography can be added via the ‘Elements’ button in the left menu. There are a couple of extra options for certificate designs found in the design menu: ‘Templates’, ‘Document’, and ‘QR Code’. 


A library of predesigned certificate templates available across four different design standards, US-Letter Landscape, US-Letter Portrait, A4 Landscape, and A4 Portrait. Get started with a blank certificate design or choose a pre-configured certificate design template ready for customization.


Adjust the orientation and paper size of the canvas from landscape to portrait, US or A4 from the ‘Document’ tab. From here, issuers can upload a background image and enable high-quality printing with guidance provided for recommended image sizes to get the best quality print. 

QR Code

Use a QR code to make hard-copy verification simple. Simply drop the QR code onto the design and choose the required colors, guidance is provided for ensuring optimal color contrast for easy scanning. The QR code design allows third-parties to retrieve the live credential page with a simple scan from a smartphone. This helps to prevent fraud and spoofing with hard-copy certificates by ensuring the live hosted credential is always easy to access. 


Q: Do badges and certificates have to be designed in Accredible?

A: No, custom badges and certificates created outside of Accredible can be uploaded for use. When uploading a custom certificate design, it’s important to get the sizing and orientation right or risk a low-quality image or certificate that takes too long to load or creates issues for the recipient. Follow our recommended certificate background size guide to ensure a quality looking certificate that provides a positive recipient experience. 

Q: Once a design has been saved and issued, can it be edited further?

A: Sometimes designs need to be updated and adjusted and Accredible makes editing existing designs easy. Simply navigate to ‘Designs’, hover over the design you wish to edit and click the pencil icon. You’ll be taken to the designer where it’s easy to amend the design. Further details can be found in the knowledgebase: How to edit an existing credential design

Design edits are applied to all live versions of the chosen certificate including those issued prior to the amendment. Should you wish to leave live credentials unedited, we recommend copying the design instead.

Q: How do I copy an existing design?

A: Once logged in via the dashboard, navigate to ‘Designs’ and choose ‘Create Badge Design’ or ‘Create Certificate Design’, once the design tool has opened, navigate to ‘My Designs’ and choose the design you wish to use as a copy. Step-by-step instructions are available in the knowledgebase: How do I copy a credential design?

Q: How do design attributes work?

A: Attributes are added to digital certificate and badge designs to automatically pull information through from the configured groups including recipient name, course name, and custom attributes. Custom attributes are set-up by clicking ‘Manage Attributes’ in the attributes tab of the badge or certificate design tool. More attribute information can be found by following the links below:

Q: Can we embed the Accredible design tools?

A: Yes, digital credential resellers or OEM providers can embed Accredible’s design tools into their own platform. This allows your users to design, edit, and customize their own digital badge designs with ease. Follow the link below to learn how to embed the Accredible badge design tool:

In Summary

Designing great looking digital credentials has never been more simple. Use Accredible’s drag and drop design tools and pre-configured templates to make branded credentials in minutes ready for issuing to candidates. With high-quality printing supported and easy-to-add QR code functionality, issuers will never need to worry about hard-copy fraud, access to verification, or retaining control over validity. 

Get started in our digital credential management software with a trial issuer account for up to 20 unique recipients and begin designing custom digital certificates and badges for users to proudly showcase their abilities. 

Further Reading

Showcase professionalism and make your digital badges stand out from the crowd with our Definitive Guide to Digital Badge Design. The guide covers all the basic elements of badge design, including decorative elements, custom attributes, and more. Download a copy and learn how to make eye-catching digital badge designs for your recipients.

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