The OpenLearning and Accredible partnership enables education institutions on the OpenLearning platform to design, manage, and deliver feature-rich digital credentials. A key part of offering this seamless experience is the integration of Accredible into the OpenLearning lifelong learning platform.

Accredible will also be used to deliver digital credentials for OpenCreds. OpenCreds is the lifelong learning micro-credential framework, designed to align with the Australian and Malaysian Qualification Frameworks. To enable education providers to realise the full potential of micro-credentials, Accredible will also be a founding member of the OpenCreds Consortium.

The Accredible and OpenLearning partnership benefits learners, education providers, and stakeholders using the lifelong learning ecosystem:

  • Shareable certificates enable learners to showcase their achievements across social media platforms including LinkedIn.
  • Learners can demonstrate evidence of the learning outcomes achieved via their automated OpenLearning portfolio.
  • Third-parties can easily verify credentials and check details such as evidence of learning, outcomes achieved, and expiration dates.
  • Using the all-in-one lifelong learning platform, education providers can build their micro-credential and short course business with the benefit of global visibility.
“It is wonderful to join with OpenLearning to bring our advanced credential technology to their impressive and growing suite of users,” said Danny King, CEO Accredible. “There are many emerging digital credential providers in the Australian market, which makes OpenLearning’s decision to use Accredible and their recognition of our feature set all that much more impactful.”


“With digital credentials available on topics such as AI, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, and Big Data & Analytics, OpenLearning is enabling our partners to reskill, upskill, and future proof their learners at an absolutely critical time.” - Adam Brimo, Founder and Group CEO, OpenLearning Limited

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Accredible is the industry-leading digital credentialing platform that securely issues, manages, tracks, and verifies millions of high-stakes credentials across the globe. Accredible integrates with learning software including Canvas, D2L Brightspace, Kajabi, Kryterion Webassessor, Moodle, Thinkific, and more. Over 1,000 prominent Universities, associations, and technology companies such as Google, Skillsoft, Slack, University of Cambridge, AMPP, Zendesk, Hootsuite, IEEE, McGraw-Hill, INSEAD, IAPP, UC Berkeley, and The Digital Marketing Institute rely on Accredible to create, deliver and manage digital certificates and open badges. Learn more at 

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