Blockchain Credentials

Increase security, prevent fraud, build trust and ensure you're ready for the future.


Benefits of using the Blockchain

World Leading Security

The decentralized nature of the Blockchain means that it's almost impossible for records to be modified or faked.

Durable & Reliable

Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain, there's no central point of failure and you're better able to withstand malicious attacks.


Demonstrate a commitment to being transparent with your credentials whilst maintaining privacy.

What they’re saying

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Blockchain Verification

We use the blockchain to cryptographically seal a record of the credential when it's created so that third parties can be absolutely certain that a record hasn't been altered since being issued. This dramatically improves fraud protection for your organization.

Once we've recorded a credential on the Blockchain it cannot be altered, faked or spoofed. If someone attempts to create a credential that looks like your credentials it won't verify against the Blockchain record.

Read more about digital certificates, open badges and how they work on Blockchain.

Cost & Implementation

With Accredible it's as simple as clicking a button to have all of your credentials secured on the blockchain.

There's no additional cost and no work required to record your certificates and badges on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Fraud Prevention & Security

Nobody can fake a blockchain certificate or badge issued by Accredible.

Third parties can view them at any time to view the up to date credential and information - even if a certificate is printed, the online version will always be available to confirm it.


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