A Beginner's Guide to Digital Credentials in 2023

Digital credentials are rapidly becoming the preferred method of recognizing achievements and delivering certifications. Issuers are turning to digital credentials to increase the efficiency of their credentialing processes, to save on the cost of physical credentials, and to improve the employability of their candidates. Join us in our latest webinar for a beginner-friendly introduction to digital credentials, the use cases and benefits, and how they are used to drive program growth.

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What this webinar is about:

Traditional, physical credentials are outdated in today’s digital “one click” world. They lack the details and portability needed to truly benefit the holder. This creates issues where candidates cannot effectively showcase their competencies causing them to miss out on employment opportunities. For issuers, traditional credentials create a risk of credential fraud and lead to increased costs in management where errors need to be corrected or details updated. They lack the ability to drive program growth and increase awareness of the brand’s credentials. 

Digital credentials solve these challenges for both issuers and recipients. Candidates gain verifiable, portable credentials that they can share in celebration, upload for use on-the-go, and improve their employability and promotion options. Issuers benefit from cost-effective credentialing tools that allow them to retain control, support marketing efforts, and attract new candidates. 

Join us in our latest webinar as we provide a beginner friendly introduction to digital credentials and explore:

  • What digital credentials are 
  • Why issuers should consider digital credentials
  • How recipients benefit from shareable, verifiable digital credentials

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