An intuitive way to efficiently design, send, and manage your certificates.

Built to help organizations like yours issue professional, branded certificates and badges more easily and efficiently. Now you can spend more time improving your program and less time shipping certificates.

Digital certificates and badges help maximize the value of your certification or training program.

Drive program growth effortlessly

Maximize engagement with tailored email campaigns and refined audience targeting. Gain control over learner interactions, boosting usage, share rates, and attracting new learners.

Improve efficiency with automation.

Significantly cut the time it takes to create and send certificates. Integrate with your LMS and completely automate the process, or simply upload a spreadsheet to save time.

Save time and money going paperless.

Switching from paper is not only more efficient, but cost-effective. More importantly, you get all the benefits of digital certificates: instant, shareable, and verifiable.

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Experience unprecedented growth

Amplify your brand and unlock exponential growth with our platform. Tailored email campaigns and refined audience targeting boost engagement, usage, share rates, and attract clients. Turn learners into brand ambassadors and enhance satisfaction for increased upsell opportunities.

Automate your tedious issuing process.

Our intuitive UI, various LMS integrations, and Zapier partnership make it easy to include Accredible in your existing certificate process and slash the time it takes to issue certificates.

Say 'goodbye' to printing and mailing paper certificates.

No more lost or damaged envelopes and no more re-printing when a student's name is spelled wrong. Instant email delivery and retroactive editing make sending and managing your certificates a snap.

Maximize the value you provide to your students.

Your students worked hard to earn your certification or training program's stamp of approval. Maximize the value by allowing your recipients and their potential employers to verify your certificates are legitimate.


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