MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. (March 4, 2024) — Accredible, the world’s leading digital credentialing platform, today announced at Innovations in Testing 2024 (Booth #226) significant enhancements to Accredible Email Marketing with the launch of its Email Campaigns functionality. With the industry-first release, training and education leaders can take control of their credential marketing by creating tailored, automated email campaigns that engage learners and increase credential sharing—helping generate brand awareness and program referrals. 

As more credential issuers adopt digital credentials to meet market demands for easily shareable and verifiable proof of skills and competencies, leading programs are looking to increase learner engagement beyond credential issuance. With Accredible’s Email Campaigns, issuers can use learner engagement data to easily create triggered messages like credential-sharing reminders, re-enrollment incentives, or renewal notices to drive online credential sharing and amplify their brand reach. Program teams can also use Accredible’s advanced analytics to track, visualize, and optimize real-time campaign performance. 

“Credential issuers now realize the power of digital credentials in opening up new organic acquisition channels but have been limited in control of credential issuance emails, audience segmentation, and ability to measure campaign performance effectively,” said Rochelle Ramirez, SVP of Product at Accredible. “With today’s release, issuers now have complete control to define the purpose, timing, and content of their credential email campaigns that engage learners and ultimately drive credential sharing and program referrals.”

The combination of advanced audience targeting and triggering events allows program leaders to deliver messages that resonate with learners at every stage of their journey to increase engagement and program growth. For example, issuers could create an email trigger that sends a follow-up to recipients who haven’t opened their credential email a week after initial delivery. Or they can use learner engagement data to create triggers for reminder emails to recipients who have opened their credential emails but haven’t shared them with their LinkedIn network. 

“Increasing credential open, download, and share rates among our learners is a top priority for us, but sending one-off emails and manually reminding people is extremely time-consuming,” stated Tom Mastro, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Planning at George Washington University. “Accredible’s Email Campaigns has eliminated that pain point entirely, and we’re excited to see how it impacts our learners and program over time.”

The Email Campaigns functionality builds on program optimization efforts the Accredible Professional Services team has executed with numerous credential issuers over the past year. By implementing targeted learner engagement campaigns, Accredible customers drove significant improvement in learner engagement, program referrals, and revenue, including:

  • A professional association drove a 40% increase in credentials shared on social media
  • A higher education institution improved program referral rates by 55%
  • A leading certificate program drove a 6X increase in program revenue

Accredible Email Campaigns is immediately available on Connect and Growth plans. For more insights and a demo video of the functionality, read Rochelle’s blog here. To learn more about the “3 Emails Proven to Increase Learner Engagement & Program Awareness” webinar on March 20, register here.

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Patti Wheeler
Director, Communications & Events, Accredible