How Scality Grew its Online Training Program 300% with Zero Additional Admin Work

The Organization

Scality is the leader in software-defined storage at petabyte-scale. Founded in 2009, Scality has deployed software storage solutions that deliver billions of files to more than one hundred million users daily with 100% availability. Scality customers include the world’s largest enterprises, particularly in media, telecommunications, and cloud.

Scality’s small Strategic Alliances team was being bogged down by the logistics of issuing paper certificates while trying to focus on growing their training programs. The 30-day lag time between course completion and receiving your certificate was not conveying the professionalism of their high-stakes professional training. In just one afternoon, Scality was set up issuing digital credentials to their trainees, which have become very popular with their training partners, and most importantly, has their process “running on auto-pilot”.

The Impact


Engagement rate of Scality's recipients


It used to take 30 days for a credential to reach a recipient. Now, it's instantaneous


Increase in student numbers, with no additional certification workload generated

The Challenge

Scality’s Strategic Alliances team provides training to ensure that their technology partners can deliver and sell their software product - and it needs to appear professional and worthwhile to command respect from their enterprise level partners (Cisco, HPE, Dell). These programs have largely been delivered in person, but are increasingly being offered online in order to reach a wider audience. Growing Scality’s business hinges on their ability to effectively deliver this training, so their attention has focused on scaling their training programs. At the time of creating their online program, the team consisted of just two people, who were responsible for enabling the training of literally thousands of individuals all around the world. Chris Moberly, Scality’s Senior Technical Lead in charge of their certification program was finding issuing credentials after a completed training program was particularly chaotic, “I actually hand folded shipping packages for each, bubble-wrap and all, after engaging our marketing team to hand-write details on each certificate.” There was just no way to scale their process with the growth of their online training program without introducing technology and automation. Scality needed to decrease the time and cost of issuing credentials, while promoting their growing online programs, and importantly, providing the professional, polished learning experience expected from their top-tier partners. There was no way they could both offer that polished experience and continue to ship paper certificates at the scale they were growing into.

The Solution

“A platform that I never have to update, tinker with, or worry about at all was vital to us. As a startup, our most precious resource is time.”

Chris Moberly, Senior Technical Lead

Accredible’s integration with Moodle learning platform was a huge boon to Scality’s learning program. Since all of their training material was set upon the Moodle platform, the existing integration meant that Scality had to do next to no work to start automatically issuing digital credentials to trainees who had completed their program. In less than an hour, Scality was set up to issue digital credentials through Accredible. To put the icing on the cake, their professional graphic designer created a branded certificate template to convey the professionalism and care of Scality’s training program. Issuing credentials automatically through their learning management system meant that many hours a week were being saved by the directors of the training program, freeing them from performing repetitive tasks to focus instead on growing the program. No longer did their CEO need to sign all of these pieces of paper; no longer was there a need for hand-folded shipping packages or a risk of getting tangled in bubble wrap.

The Results

“Accredible allows me to focus on projects that accelerate our revenue, while it just ticks along in the background making us look great to our partners.”

Chris Moberly, Senior Technical Lead

The reduction in labor time has been key for Scality - without a solution that could drastically cut the time spent printing and packaging credentials, they “would have literally stopped issuing certificates”. A credential used to take roughly 30 days to reach a trainee - including printing, signing, packaging, shipping. Now, it happens automatically. Their online training program alone has scaled from roughly 300 students to 1200 students in the period using Accredible, with no additional workload needed for their certificate issuance. The most important thing for Scality is that they no longer need to spend time thinking about this part of the process.

Engagement with the partner community has increased after adopting Accredible: Scality now receives specific requests from their partners asking when their digital credential will come. They’ve seen their colleagues posting them online and want one for themselves, as well. They’ve even received feedback from their trainees that using the Accredible credentials have given them an edge when pursuing their next career opportunities.

Accredible enabled Scality to implement a digital credentialing solution that not only automated a cumbersome manual issuing process, but allowed them to come across professionally and live up to the high standards their students were accustomed to. Yes Scality saved money by adopting digital credentials, but more importantly, the training team were able to re-focus their time and energy on projects that accelerated their revenue instead of printing and mailing certificates.

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