How Intercom Elevated its Customer Learning Experience with Accredible’s White-Labeling

The Organization

Intercom, the Engagement OS, enables businesses to build stronger customer relationships that drive growth and scale. With its all-in-one customer communications platform, Intercom offers next-generation solutions for sales, marketing, and support teams to work together to convert prospects into paying customers, engage customers throughout their journey, and provide world-class support.

Intercom is redefining the customer journey and unifying business silos to deliver ongoing personalized engagement through in-context communications. More than 25,000 global organizations, including Atlassian, Amazon, and Lyft Business, rely on Intercom to deliver unparalleled user experiences at any scale. Intercom’s platform is used to send over 500 million messages per month and enables interactions with over 600 million monthly active end users.

The Impact

The Challenge

To ensure that their customers have a seamless onboarding experience, Intercom created the online Intercom Academy. Designed to help new users, Intercom Academy offers deep-dive courses in support and sales from Intercom experts.

To incentivize and celebrate those customers who successfully complete a training course, Intercom created a simple digital badge that was both immediately displayed on the screen and sent via email upon course completion. Although these digital badges could be shared on Twitter and LinkedIn, they did not offer the ability to track the number of shares or provide any additional insights into how customers (and their networks) were interacting with their digital credentials.

The lack of visibility into the engagement of their digital badges led Intercom's Customer Education Managers to seek a solution that would enable them to boost and track brand awareness. A solution that would also simultaneously allow them to deliver their customers an enhanced, branded credential viewing and sharing experience.

The Solution

Using Accredible, Intercom created a fully-branded, feature-rich digital badge to replace their existing, simple digital credentials. With Accredible’s seamless integration into Skilljar, Intercom was able to continue automatically issuing digital badges to all Academy graduates within seconds. They also benefited from the ability to completely customize the entire learner journey – from enrollment to credential delivery – to match Intercom’s brand look and feel. 

Customer Education Managers are able to use Accredible’s analytics dashboard to see exactly where digital badges are shared and how much traffic is being generated as a result. The additional engagement insights gained enable their stakeholders to drive informed decisions related to expanding or enhancing Intercom Academy.

The Results

In under a year, Intercom has seen a marked increase in brand mentions on social media as well as higher engagement and course enrollment in the Intercom Academy.

The overall customer learning experience has been greatly enhanced and is often the topic of conversation when learners share their newly awarded credentials!

The Customer Education Managers are able to constantly track credential performance, see who the key influencers are, and quantify credential reach – giving managers unprecedented insight they’ve never had before.

Working with Accredible has also positioned Intercom to launch a new certification program for Support Team Managers and Support Teams, enabling them to create an entirely custom credential experience for this new offering.

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