How Colectivo23 Increased its Digital Credential Share Rate to 133% Above the Industry Average in 6 Months

The Organization

Latam-based Colectivo23 is an e-learning hub that empowers young professionals in Latin-America to acquire the industry-leading skills and expertise they need to reach their goals. Their highly interactive programs are taught by practitioners through learning cohorts. This delivers their students (referred to as passengers) a rich educational experience that positions them for corporate employment and promotions. With a mission to close the gap for digital talent, Colectivo23 has served over 6,000 passengers to date. Over the next few years, they plan to expand their innovative educational programs to reach all of Latin America and beyond.

The Impact


Credentials issued in the first 6 months


Credential open rate


Credential share rate

The Challenge

As the use of digital credentials has quickly spread over the past decades, many platforms still lack the analytics and shareability that organizations like Colectivo23 require to engage with students and grow their programs. Before joining Accredible, Colectivo23 was using a small regional digital credential provider that made it difficult for them to issue credentials in real-time, track their open and share rates, or easily update their credential designs.

“We were only able to issue digital certificates twice a week, which made it hard for us to manage the process. Since the platform we were using was relatively new we also ran into problems with uploading information and collecting data on our credentials.”

- Jessica Medina, Operations Lead at Colectivo23.

The Solution

“We knew our passengers wanted to share their achievements with their networks. Accredible gives us the ability to seamlessly deliver certificates, so our passengers can immediately share them online.”

Jessica Medina, Operations Lead at Colectivo23

With increasing student engagement, issuing digital certificates faster, and boosting share rates as their main program goals, Colectivo23 decided to partner with Accredible. 

After completing our user-friendly onboarding process, Colectivo23 was able to professionally design a fully-branded digital certificate and issue them in real-time to passengers as each course was completed.

The Results

In six months, Colectivo23 has issued over 1,300 digital credentials and has experienced an incredible 80% open rate and 42% share rate. These stats are remarkable when compared to the industry average share rate of just 18%.

Accredible’s robust analytics dashboard helps Colectivo23 to stay on top of their data and gives them consistent visibility into program enrolment, engagement, and brand reach.

“The onboarding training was very easy and having access to the Accredible team throughout the process helped to make the transition smooth. We’re now able to provide more value to our passengers and we’re noticing a measurable increase in the number of new classes our passengers are taking.”

- Jessica Medina, Operations Lead at Colectivo23.

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