What is Customer Success?

The Customer Success (CS) team supports customers from onboarding through to deployment, launch, and beyond. Acting as a knowledgeable extension to the customer’s organization, the team helps customers to fulfill and exceed their own business goals around credentialing. Whether the organization needs guidance for implementing a new credentialing program, the best practices for credentialing, or how to take their credentialing further - the CS team is there to help. 

What does Customer Success do?


After handing over from the sales team, the CS team will lead the onboarding process, helping customers ready themselves for implementation and launch of their credentialing program. The CS team will work closely with the organization to understand their business goals and plan strategies accordingly to achieve these goals. Consider the account manager as an extension of internal teams, with the knowledge and experience to ensure the credentialing program exceeds expectations through launch and beyond. 


The CS team delivers quarterly reports that identify how digital credentials are performing and where improvements can be made. Reports provide an overview of measurable metrics important to the organization such as open rates, engagement, learner flow, and course growth. Depending on the outcome and customer goals, account managers can arrange access to:

  • Additional training and workshops (plan dependent)
  • Guides and suggestions for adapting the strategy

Or arrange for a longer discussion on how organizations can get the full value of the credentialing program based on the company objectives. The team will also check in regularly to ensure everyone involved in the credentialing process, from stakeholders to recipients, are satisfied with their digital credentials. 


The CS team works closely with all departments of Accredible to ensure they have the greatest product knowledge, including the latest features and quality of life improvements. Should an organization need a certain feature or integration, they will work with the development team to ensure it is possible and get it roadmapped for a future update. Regular discussions with Sales also helps the CS team identify frequent questions or queries that are best served with longform guides, visual instructions, or video walkthroughs. They then work with the Sales & Marketing teams to produce and distribute these to the customers that will benefit the most. 

The future of Customer Success

As just one of Accredible’s rapidly growing departments, the future of Customer Success is exciting and full of potential. As the department develops, the team will continue to ensure customer goals are not just met but exceeded, and provide the best guidance both on and off the web as part of their aim to deliver world-class customer service. 

In Summary

The Customer Success team has the knowledge and intuition to understand what works well in the credentialing space and endeavours to help customers get the most value out of their credentials. As a team working closely to the space and their customers, they understand what is needed to make success happen and have the experience to help organizations achieve their goals. 

The digital credentialing industry is still new and developing, but our position and insight enables us to see the customers getting the best results - the ones working directly with the CS team. The team’s knowledge into digital credentialing best practices is not only unique but versatile, capable of guiding organizations of all sizes from associations and training providers, to high-stakes education. 

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