White label services or products enable organizations to take an existing asset and deliver it under their own branding. This has a number of benefits including a quicker time to market, less maintenance costs, reduced responsibility, and boosted productivity. For higher education digital credentials, white labeling allows prestigious institutions to deliver feature-rich credentials using the strength of their respected reputation. 

Why white label digital credentials in higher education? 

Consistent branding of a product or service is an effective way of building trust between the issuer and their candidates. Educational institutions that want to update or move their credentialing process to a secure digital credentialing solution benefit from the option of white labeling. White label digital credentials enable educational providers to launch faster with an established solution while placing their branding front and center to promote brand awareness.

White label digital credentials from Accredible enable issuers to:

  • Customize the CSS of the credential page, allowing issuers to design the credential page in line with their own marketing site
  • Create a dedicated credential subdomain that is hosted on the institution’s own domain, for example www.credentials.prestigiousuniversity.edu
  • Take control over the appearance of the credential delivery email including header, footer, and internal links

Through each step of the credentialing process, learners and students will see the branding of their school or institution and know exactly where it has been issued from and the value it carries. 

Standard digital credential example – click to see live demo

White label digital credential example – click to see live demo

The benefits of white label digital credentials in higher education

The benefits of white label digital credentials in higher education include:

  • Better budget control. Building a secure solution from scratch is expensive and carries ongoing costs for maintenance, updates, and adding features. Choosing an established white label solution eliminates unexpected costs and reduces the ongoing costs required for remaining secure and competitive.
  • Build brand awareness. When learners receive their white label digital credentials they immediately know where it has come from and associate them with the reputation of their institution. This promotes loyalty and encourages trust.
  • Motivate continuous learning. By designing the dedicated credential page to align with the institution website, recipients and third-parties viewing the credential can easily navigate to other areas of the site and find additional programs or follow-on courses.
  • Rely on a quality solution. Without experience creating and managing a digital credential solution, there can be a dramatic learning curve for creating a dependable product from scratch. A digital credential solution with white labeling enables institutions to launch with an established and trusted platform that is thoroughly tested for security and includes the necessary tools and features. 
  • Reduce in-house responsibility. An established white label digital credential solution like Accredible provides excellent support for our credentialing partners. This enables institutions to get fixes implemented faster, and provide credentialing teams more time to focus on student needs. 
  • Experienced teams. Our credentialing experts have worked with a huge variety of education-based issuers including universities, colleges, and other academic institutions. We work with our credentialing partners to help them expand their marketing reach and grow their programs.

In Summary

Accredible provides both branding features and premium white label services to meet the needs of our issuers. Our digital credentialing platform is the only enterprise-ready solution to offer full control over branding from design to delivery. Digital credentials issued through Accredible benefit students through ease of shareability, portability, and verifiability. Issuers can use digital credentials to expand their brand awareness, support their marketing strategies, and grow their programs and revenue. 

To learn more about digital credentials and see the solution in action, book a demo with our team today. If you’re an issuer interested in white label digital credentials for your students or learners, request a quote for a tailored pricing evaluation. 

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