Why Choose an Independent Digital Credentialing Solution?

Being independent, rather than a subsidiary or part of a multinational or corporation, provides a lot more flexibility, adaptability, and originality. An independent digital credentialing platform is able to quickly adapt to the needs of the market and their clients, introduce new features or services for digital badges and digital certificates, and have greater control over cost and responsiveness. 

Greater Flexibility

Being free of a strict corporate structure and hierarchy enables independent platforms to provide greater flexibility for their client’s needs. Feature requests or implementations can be made faster, without having to wait for stakeholder and corporate approval. With increased flexibility, also comes the ability for long-term planning. This provides the benefit of stability and consistency for clients of independent platforms, and assurance that long-term plans are made with their needs in mind rather than driven by increasing shareholder dividends. 

Increased Adaptability

Not every customer has the same needs. Some customers require enterprise level features such as enhanced security requirements, others may require support for SSO (single sign on), custom SLAs, or custom Terms and DPA. An independent solution is better suited to meet and accommodate these needs in comparison to a subsidiary platform, and can turn around these requirements faster. From security to support, Accredible ensures digital credentialing plans are business ready and our customers have full confidence in the success of their launch. 

Choice and Originality 

One of the greatest benefits of an independent solution is the lack of boundaries and a greater amount of choice in how services are delivered and what products or features are brought to market. There is no waiting for permission, or restrictions about what comes next or how current services are further enhanced. This benefit of choice also extends to customers. For example, Accredible digital credentials are made to be shared and provide increased marketing reach for customers. To further increase visibility for our customer’s credentials and drive program growth, we launched Recommendations™, a service to intelligently connect new learners with relevant courses. 

As an independent provider of digital credentials, we have the ability to make choices without having them made for us. We extend this benefit to our customers by ensuring whatever choices we make will deliver continued success in credentialing.

In Summary

Issuers that are looking for a long-term credentialing partner with the benefit of flexibility, and that value authentic collaboration with the focus on achieving credentialing success, should make the choice for an independent digital credentialing solution. 

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