What is recipient experience?

Recipient experience is the moment hard-working candidates earn the fruit of their efforts - their digital certificate or digital badge. This is an often overlooked part of the process but should be of high importance. If recipients have no easy way to get to or interact with their credential, they aren’t likely to engage at all. Recipients have worked hard to gain their credential and a bad experience reduces the value of their accomplishment.

What goes into a quality recipient experience?

Accessibility is key when talking about a quality recipient experience. If candidates can’t access their new credential due to:

  • Gating behind account creation
  • Badly designed or confusing email templates
  • Long or delayed delivery time

The recipient experience has already failed. 

Candidates will not engage with their new credential and what should be a time for celebration - becomes lacklustre and demotivating. Candidates are unlikely to pick up any further courses with the organization and won’t recommend them to their peers. 

Supporting the recipient experience

Over a million credentials are issued every month through the Accredible platform so we understand the importance of a seamless experience. Our platform supports easy access and makes sharing simple with just one click.

No Account Required

Any service that requires signup is a deterrent to online users and digital credentials are just the same. By locking digital credentials behind account creation, candidates are much less likely to engage with their new badge or certificate. Using the Accredible platform, recipients can view their credential with no registration or signup required. 

Single Sign On

Just like the above, account creation is an extra step that recipients aren’t likely to take to manage their credential. The Accredible API enables organizations to use Single Sign On for supported integrations. Recipients and issuers use their existing LXP or LMS account to manage or issue credentials online.

Social Sharing

Sharing a digital credential shouldn’t take half an hour or mean relinquishing full control over a social account. The Accredible platform enables simple social sharing of digital credentials without sacrificing full account permissions. Simply view the credential, click share to the chosen social media platform and then hit post (or send for a private message). Recipients can also easily add their credential to their LinkedIn profile, showcasing their skills to potential employers.

Full instructions for how to share a digital badge on Linkedin are available by following the link. 

Hard Copies

Part of the recipient experience is giving recipients the freedom to do what they like with their credential. Traditionally, candidates hung their new achievements proudly on their wall and many will still want to display their award. The Accredible platform enables high-resolution design for printing at home or professionally. 

Third Party Verification

Without the barrier of account creation, recipients can easily share their credentials on the go - validating their skills and knowledge to potential employers or recruiters. Recruiters can view live credentials themselves or using digital wallet cards, recipients can conveniently access and verify their credentials wherever they are in the world. 

Instant Delivery

The excitement of a new achievement usually peaks at the moment of receiving a confirmed pass. Delayed delivery means missing this moment which greatly impacts the rate of credential engagement. The Accredible platform supports instant delivery of digital credentials, encouraging candidates to share their award while they are still celebrating.

How recipient experience supports issuers

Providing recipients with a quality experience does more than just engage candidates, it opens up another channel of marketing for issuers. 

Targeted Organic Reach

Social media advertisement is a popular channel of marketing but organic social shares are not only free - they have a higher chance of engagement. Rather than feeling advertised to, friends and peers will be eager to share in the celebration. The benefits are experienced on both sides - recipients get to showcase their developing abilities and issuers get their branding in front of their target audience. 

Fully Branded Journey

Targeted reach can be streamlined using Accredible’s branding and white labelling services. Followers that click through to the credential see a fully branded page that is designed inline with the organization’s website. This is a great opportunity to turn page visitors into potential candidates in just a few interactions. 

In Summary

Recipient experience, just like customer service, needs attention to get it right. Take the time to adjust the process to reflect the professionalism of the organization and reap the rewards of:

  • Improved engagement
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Targeted referrals

Accredible’s digital credential platform supports recipients while saving organizations time and money. Start the digital transformation today and reward candidates for their hard-work with an excellent recipient experience. 

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