Why are mobile friendly credentials important?

There are many reasons recipients need to be able to verify their experience while on-the-go:

  • Evidence of credentials for on-site contractual workers
  • Proof of ability, experience, or knowledge in a job interview
  • Evidence of involvement with a particular event or sector
  • Proof of association membership

Verification of these skills would normally require the recipient to produce a physical document such as a certificate or membership card. These documents can be expensive and time-consuming for issuing organizations to produce. Physical credentials also carry certain risks:

  • Easy to misplace or forget
  • Recipients can’t start working until it’s in hand
  • Expired credentials are difficult to revoke (fraud concern)
  • Reprints are required to correct mistakes or replace lost documents

To most people their smartphone is as important as their front door key and always in their pocket so it makes sense to encourage recipients to keep their credentials within reach. This way, recipients are always prepared should an opportunity arise such as an on-the-spot job offer or benefits for proving association membership. Third-parties can verify the credential within seconds without the need to create an account, attempt to contact the credential issuer, or wait around for a response. 

Accredible Digital Wallet Cards

Accredible credentials include one-tap addition to mobile digital wallets saving the hassle of printing physical credentials. Recipients can add multiple digital badges to their wallet, making it easy to produce the right credential at the right time without having to browse through busy inboxes or bookmarked links. 

Credential storage for mobile devices is available on both Apple and Android smartphones. This enables recipients to provide evidence of their active, valid association membership or proof of their status as a certification-holder. Accredible Digital Wallet Cards are easy to use and require no additional set-up to get started.

As part of the Branding package, organizations take control over the appearance of their recipient’s digital wallet and ensure only the organization issued credentials are shown. This is a great way to reinforce legitimacy of the organization credentials and provide a seamless, branded experience. 

Instructions detailing how to add digital credentials to digital wallet cards and FAQs around digital wallets are available on the Accredible help centre:

In Summary

Both issuers and recipients benefit from mobile credential support on smartphone devices. 

For recipients, mobile credentials offer easy-to-produce:

  • Evidence of skills or qualifications for on-site eligibility
  • Proof of knowledge, experience, or skills for job interviews
  • Evidence of involvement with a notable event (conference speaker, event volunteer, etc)
  • Proof of association membership

For issuers, the benefits of mobile friendly digital credentials ensure their credentials are:

  • Easy to view and verify
  • Cost and time-effective to produce
  • Easy to revoke and expire
  • Simple to correct 

See digital credentials, digital wallet cards, and our digital credential platform in action and book a demo with the Accredible team.

Further Reading

Mobile friendly digital credentials are just one of the many benefits of Accredible digital credentials. To see more available features of digital credentials and compare against competing platforms, download a copy of the Accredible Digital Credential Feature Checklist. 

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