What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is a WordPress LMS (learning management system) add-on that is used by organizations, training providers, universities, and entrepreneurs to create, deliver, and sell e-learning and online courses. Using LearnDash, course creators benefit from:

  • Built-in structures to maximize course content delivery and increase completion rates
  • A powerful quizzing engine with a variety of question types to better engage students
  • A seamless, immersive learning experience that integrates issuer branding

LearnDash courses follow a structure based on instructional design principles used by learning programs in Fortune 500 companies:

  • Courses are at the top-level
  • Lessons are assigned to Courses and can be grouped into sections
  • Topics are assigned to Lessons
  • Quizzes are the lowest level and can be assigned to Courses, Lessons, or Topics. 
LearnDash LMS Screenshot

What is LearnDash integration?

LearnDash integration through Accredible enables issuers to use automation to deliver digital badges and digital certificates to their learners through their LearnDash LMS. Using the LearnDash integration, course creators can:

  • Automate the creation of LearnDash LMS course certificates and badges
  • Automatically bring students from LearnDash into Accredible
  • Set custom criteria and rules to issue credentials upon course completion
  • Configure auto-issuance on a per course basis
  • Review historic badge and certificate issuance via the LearnDash instance

The benefits of using LearnDash integration

LearnDash LMS allows issuers to create certificates that are issued to students as downloadable PDFs. Although certificates can be set up to automatically generate with the required learner information, there are a number of downsides:

  • Certificates can be tricky to create for those unfamiliar with the WordPress editor
  • Full customization of certificates requires knowledge of CSS and shortcode
  • PDF certificates once issued are difficult, often impossible to verify
  • PDF certificates aren’t easily shareable to social media 
  • Issuers lose control over certificates once they have been issued to students
  • Restricted space on certificates makes it difficult to summarize competencies

Digital credentials issued using Accredible’s LearnDash LMS integration benefit from:

  • Easy, one-click verification of authenticity
  • Complete control over validity, design, and details of issued certificates
  • Support for printed, hard-copy verification using QR-codes
  • A dedicated credential webpage that enables comprehensive program detail, skill tags, and evidence uploads
  • Built-in, one-click sharing to over 20 social media platforms
  • Enterprise ready platform supported by bank-level encryption
  • Optional blockchain protection for further security
  • Fully customizable digital certificate and badge designs using Accredible’s simple drag-and-drop design tools
Digital Badge and Digital Certificate Example

Accredible’s feature-rich digital credentials ensure greater control for issuers allowing them to update, edit, and revoke live credentials. Where necessary, live credentials can be set to expire on a specific date or within a set time-frame and recipients automatically receive notifications of upcoming expiration. Our easy-to-use design tools provide issuers the ability to create fully-branded certificates and badges to represent their achievements. Using digital credentials from Accredible enhances the recipient experience for students, with ease of sharing and embedding, and delivers a clearer picture of their competencies. Digital credentials also contribute to the gamification of learning journeys to further motivate course completion for LearnDash users. 

Drag-and-Drop Design Tools

Accredible Badge Design Tool

Accredible offers both a dedicated badge design tool and a certificate design tool. Both tools are free-to-use, browser based, and include everything issuers need to create fantastic looking digital credentials that meet their brand guidelines. The certificate designer offers a library of easy-to-use templates in portrait and landscape orientation that help issuers get started. The badge designer offers a library of design assets including badge background shapes, ribbons, and icons. Issuers can add attributes to their designs that automatically pull credential details on creation including recipient name, course name, stakeholder name and signature, or custom details set-up by the issuer. QR-codes can be added to digital certificate designs that enable easy verification of credentials should recipients wish to print a hard-copy for their records. 

Harness Student Reach

Shared Digital Credential

Easy to share digital credentials motivate students to celebrate their achievements with their friends, family, and peers via their social networks. Recipients can share their digital badges and digital certificates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and over 20 other popular platforms. They can choose to upload their digital credentials to their LinkedIn profile, embed digital badges into their email signatures or on personal web pages, and add their credentials to digital wallet cards on smartphone devices. Every share and upload increases the visibility of digital credentials, the issuer, and their programs. Issuers can track the reach of their recipient shares from their detailed Analytics dashboard and report on how and where students are engaging with their credentials.

How to set-up LearnDash integration

Detailed step-by-step instructions for setting up the LearnDash integration are available in the Accredible knowledge base:

Issuers setting up the LearnDash integration will need their Accredible API Key, which can be found by navigating to ‘Integrations’ from the menu at the top of the ACMS (Accredible Credential Management System) dashboard. 

How to use the LearnDash integration

After successfully installing the LearnDash integration in WordPress, issuers need to create their digital credential groups via the ACMS. From LearnDash, issuers then create a ‘New Configuration’ and set-up the required issuance trigger, the course for which credentials will be issued, and which credentials will be issued once students meet the chosen criteria. 

Creating a Digital Badge or Certificate

Designs for digital certificates and digital badges are created, managed, and updated from the Accredible platform (ACMS) using the dedicated Design Tools. 

Guidance for creating digital badges and digital certificates can be found in our knowledgebase. Follow the links to our help articles below:

Issuing Digital Credentials from LearnDash LMS

Once the issuer has configured the auto issuance functionality for their course, recipients will automatically receive their credential once they have successfully completed the course or lesson. Issuers can track and view their issued credentials via the ‘Issuance Logs’ page in their LearnDash LMS instance. 

Issuance Logs Page within LearnDash LMS

In Summary

Accredible’s LearnDash LMS integration empowers organizations to automate the creation and delivery of feature-rich digital credentials to their students. Integrate Accredible into your LearnDash LMS today and start delivering verifiable, shareable, and portable digital certificates and digital badges to your learners that will enhance their learning experience. 

For more information about Accredible, digital credentials, or the LearnDash LMS integration, book a platform demo or contact the sales team.