1. Discover How to Accelerate Credential Program Growth Through Learner Pathways

In today's fast-paced world, traditional educational pathways are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of employers. To stay competitive and make the most of your career opportunities, skills-based training is key. Join our panel discussion with leaders from Wharton Online and the State of Missouri who have successfully implemented Accredible’s Pathways to share their insights and experiences. 

You'll learn why they chose Pathways, how it aligns with their business objectives, what achievements they've unlocked, and how they plan to grow their use of the feature going forward. This is a fantastic opportunity to understand the real-world value behind nontraditional pathways and how it supports skills-based learning and the future of work. 

2. Get a First Look at Accredible’s Professional Pathways

We’re so excited to unveil "Accredible Professional Pathways" live! Jake Ford, Senior Product Manager at Accredible, will show you how this new feature will empower credential issuers and educational institutions to showcase their certifications as meaningful steps on a pathway leading learners to specific professional outcomes.

Additionally, you’ll discover how this feature connects learning programs to real-world professional outcomes, providing learners with the guidance they need to reach their career goals. You'll see how it can boost the demand for your courses, offer career advice, and help you assess your program's effectiveness with Pathway completion analytics.

3. Walk Away Understanding Why Skills-Based Learning Matters

For some people, skills-based learning has simply changed their life. Just ask Hemory Phifer! Hemory transitioned from a coding bootcamp graduate to a software developer and now a Program Manager at GitHub through skills-based learning. 

During this discussion, you’ll gain insights from Hemory on how real-world applications of skills-based training are shaping the landscape of nontraditional education and work.

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