Using Credential Metadata to Showcase Value, Increase Awareness, and Drive Program Growth

Metadata can be the difference between generating program growth and your credentials going unnoticed. It’s important that issuers plan their credential metadata to ensure it is relevant and contributes to the increased visibility of their programs. Without metadata, prospective candidates won’t understand what your programs are about, what value it offers, and why they should pursue it as part of their professional development. It also impacts credential holders, third-parties pass over their applications where they can’t identify core skills or experience related to their available roles. Join us in our latest webinar to explore recommendations for planning and writing credential metadata and why it’s key for increasing awareness.

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What this webinar is about

Digital credentials have a number of benefits over their traditional and PDF alternatives but one of the most important for driving program growth is metadata. Issuers can include program details, describe learned skills, and upload evidence of knowledge - all in one convenient location, the dedicated credential page. 

The ability to include all the relevant credential information on the credential itself enables issuers to better communicate to prospective candidates the value of the credential. It also benefits candidates that are using their credentials to progress in their career or move roles by helping them stand out against the competition. Detailed program details increase awareness of the issuer’s credentials by positively influencing visibility and gives recipients more reason to share their earned skills to social media. In this webinar, join us as we explore how issuers can:

  • Boost credential visibility using metadata and program details
  • Showcase the value of credentials to drive program growth
  • Make credentials more attractive to employers using skill tags
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