The New Way to Engage Event Attendees Using Digital Credentials

Attendee engagement is one of the most important aspects of any event and that shouldn’t be limited to signing up to take part. Audiences are eager to get involved and exhibitors are keen to identify ways to increase engagement before, throughout, and after the event. Engaged audiences create better visibility, they are more likely to return in the future, and they can’t wait to get their peers onboard. Using digital credentials to engage event attendees gives organizers the power of virtual billboards that organically promote the event and the ability to capitalize on this marketing lift year after year. Watch the webinar recording to learn how event organizers can utilize digital credentials to improve attendee engagement and drive interest in upcoming events.

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Maximizing attendee engagement is vital in determining the success of an event. When the focus is on promotion and boosting attendee numbers, the process of engaging attendees during and after the event can end up neglected. For event engagement to be successful, attendees need impactful interactions and motivation to continue talking about the event after it’s over. Event organizers need solutions for these interactions and tools to help them boost the engagement of their attendees before, during, and after the event. 

Enter digital credentials. Digital credentials are used as a supplementary technology for events that help organizers to engage their attendees. From pre-show event badges that encourage attendees to celebrate their upcoming attendance, to post-show credentials that showcase the value they gained from the event. Watch the webinar to learn more about using digital credentials in your event and explore how to:

  • Effectively target prospective attendees using organic social shares
  • Motivate attendees to get involved and reward those with the highest engagement
  • Encourage post-event actions and keep discussions going once the event is over
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