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As a result of the pandemic, professionals all around the world are looking to strengthen their resume. They are looking for certifications that enable them to switch careers, find job security, work remotely, or return to the workforce - without long-term commitment to training. People are no longer interested in seeking traditional sources of education such as degrees. They want short-term certifications that can be completed around current employment and life responsibilities. They want the freedom to upskill quickly and affordably. 

Digital credentials and micro-credentials are growing in popularity as a result of demand for upskill and reskill opportunities. Digital credentials support greater engagement and result in improved course completion rates. Organizations have reported a 55% uptake in the average number of courses after implementing digital badge awards. Learners respond better to micro-credentials, with 95% preferring microlearning over traditional learning methods. Short-term product training and professional certification is also in demand by employers. Employers recognize a need to support lifelong learning for their employees and micro-credentials are a scalable, cost-effective method of achieving this. 

In our webinar we will be exploring the increasing demand and how certification providers can identify and capitalize on the emerging trend of micro-credentialing to attract more candidates to their programs. Join us to learn more about:

  • How demand for training has changed over the past year
  • What learners want from training and certification
  • How training providers can engage their learners
  • What learners gain from digital credentials
  • The benefits for issuers using digital credentials
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