How to Design Digital Credentials That Attract New Learners

Stand out from your competitors with fantastic looking digital credential designs that showcase your brand, and make candidates want to earn it for themselves. Digital credentials provide opportunities to increase brand awareness for issuing organizations. From animated digital badges to print-ready digital certificates, we’ve got the guidance to help you plan, draft, and create scroll-stopping credential designs for your programs. Join us in our latest webinar to explore the best practices and learn our top tips for creating beautiful digital credential designs.

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What this webinar is about

Digital credentials deliver more than shareable awards. They provide issuers with powerful tools in their marketing toolkit. Digital credentials enable issuers to increase awareness for their brand and programs, and attract new and existing candidates to enroll. Using digital credentials, our issuing partners have reported ongoing success towards their program growth goals. USIDHR experienced program and revenue growth of 25% in under a year after launching with digital credentials and Scality were able to scale the number of enrolled candidates by 4x. In our most recent Use Case Survey, respondents reported an average referral rate of 20% for their shared credentials. 

These numbers are influenced by eye-catching digital credential designs that encourage prospective candidates to engage with shared credentials to learn more. Digital credential designs that make users stop scrolling through their social media feed, accompanied by the stories of success their peers achieved through their earned credentials. They inspire and motivate candidates to pursue their own credentials. In this webinar, we will explore how issuers can create digital credential designs that:

  • Help issuers showcase their brand
  • Attract prospective candidates to their programs
  • Encourage their recipients to share their awards
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