Digital Credentialing: The What, How, and Why

Digital credentials are the modern evolution of paper certificates, transcripts, and membership badges. Organizations use digital credentials to improve internal efficiency, boost brand awareness, recognize and reward achievement of their recipients, and excel their program growth. Watch our webinar to discover how digital credentials are used across industries and how you and your recipients benefit from their use.

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What this webinar is about

We live in a digital “one click” world. When we need information, we turn to online search engines for instant results. When we are networking, we use always-on social media platforms. Yet for our certification, the vast majority of career-advancing credentials are still issued on paper. It’s time to bring our valuable credentials into the modern era and embrace digital transformation.

Candidates that are earning credentials expect to receive their badge or certificate instantly, not weeks later in the mail. They want to celebrate in the moment and easily share their achievements online to their friends, family, and peers. The same can be said for recruiting managers and employers that review these credentials for employment or promotion opportunities. They want credentials that can be verified instantly, without having to wait for issuing bodies to respond or spend time tracking down the right department. 

This “one click” world isn’t only about instant gratification – it’s creating powerful shifts that are changing how learners use your programs, how members see their affiliations, and what you’ll need to do to remain competitive in the market. Join us for our webinar to discover: 

  • What digital credentials are 
  • Why digital credentials are needed in today’s world
  • How your recipients benefit from shareable, verifiable digital credentials
  • How digital credentials can help you save up to 95% more time & resources
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