Create a Marketing Strategy That Drives Results with Digital Credentials

Marketing carries a number of challenges for organizations. They struggle to build trust with target audiences, stand out against competitors, communicate value, and drive referrals. Credential issuers need strategies on how to leverage their digital credentials to achieve marketing success. In this webinar, we provide actionable advice for how digital credentials are used to boost engagement, build credibility, and drive revenue growth through increased visibility. Join us in our webinar and explore how to integrate digital credentials into your marketing strategy to stand out in a crowded marketplace and achieve your marketing goals.

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What this webinar is about

Marketing is a necessary time and cost commitment to increase awareness and drive business for organizations. Knowing what channels to utilize, how to target audiences, and what type of content is engaging is a challenge. Organizations need strategies to achieve marketing success but this means more experimentation, more spend, and more time commitment. Credential issuers using digital credentials gain powerful tools that support their marketing goals. They maximize the value they gain from their digital credentials by integrating them into their marketing efforts to boost awareness and engagement. 

By the end of this webinar, issuers will leave with a clear understanding of how digital credentials support marketing efforts. We will provide actionable advice and insights into creating digital credentials ready for social sharing, and motivating shares and engagement. We will explore how digital credentials build credibility and communicate value and what metrics can be tracked from the analytics dashboard. Join us in our webinar to explore:

  • How digital credentials solve common marketing challenges
  • Best practices for creating digital credentials ready for sharing
  • How to motivate digital credential shares and engagement
  • How to track and report on marketing reach from the analytics dashboard
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