Blockchain security: Actionable insights to protect reputation

The world of employment has a problem - resume fraud is on the rise. Resume fraud damages the relationship between issuers and hiring organizations. Recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing a job application and will decline applications when they see a brand affiliated with fraud. In the highly competitive market of professional certification, issuers need an effective way to save their career-advancing credentials from the disregard pile. Join Accredible as we talk about how blockchain security solves the problem of credential fraud and supports both issuers and hiring organizations.

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What this webinar is about

Credential fraud is a growing problem across the world and affects industries of all kinds. Healthcare providers, aircraft pilots, and expert witnesses are just some of the recent examples. The average number of applicants per job opening is increasing - in February 2021 it was reported between 250-500 depending on the skill-level required. This means hiring managers are more likely to disregard applications where credentials are claimed from an issuer affiliated with credential fraud. Blockchain security provides protection against credential fraud and the risk of harm to brand image and reputation.

Join us for this webinar on solving digital credential fraud with blockchain security where we will provide an overview of:

  • What the blockchain is
  • How blockchain security works
  • How it is applied to digital credentials
  • How blockchain security protects against credential fraud
  • How data is secured for blockchain credentials
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