December 8, 2021

State of Digital Credentials 2022: The New Wave of Digital Credentials

December 8, 2021

What this webinar is about

Digital credentials are used across many industries and the number will continue to grow as more sectors adopt digital credentials to represent knowledge and competencies with modern technology. Digital credentials becoming the standard method of recognizing effort, affiliation, and education will prevent fraud and forgery, and make third-party verification easy.

Pairing digital credentials with digital transformation could change some industries - such as higher education - for the better. Making further education more affordable and accessible, particularly to returning learners and professionals in fast-moving industries. The next few years will see digital credentials woven naturally into the landscape of education and employment. Not only by streamlining hiring practices and improving the talent pool but by helping job seekers find the perfect fit for their abilities.

In our webinar we will be exploring the growing adoption of digital certificates, digital badges, and blockchain credentials and where we anticipate the future of digital credentialing is headed. Join Accredible as we discuss:

  • A year of digital credentialing in review
  • How industries are using digital credentials
  • What recipients think about digital credentials
  • What’s next for digital credentialing

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